Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Neighbour aunty sangeetha fuck

About a year ago, Sangeeta aunty moved in our neighbourhood. I have had a dirty on eye on her since then. I remember the first time she came to our house asking about the locality and all. I opened the door for her that day. The first I noticed was her belly button nabhi.
She was looking damn hot in her red sari. She is not much tall, 5’3” I guess. But who cares? Oh, man, her boobs were almost touching me as she was standing in front of me. 38-28-36. Perfect! Mummy hai? She asked and I called my mother and moved to my room.
I locked the door and lied down on bed. Sangeeta’s aunty hot image was playing in my mind her red sari, a long bindi, chubby waist and neck long hairs were exciting me. I pulled my cock up and down. I was doing it very fast, yet it was slow, given the hotness of aunty.
Till that day, I often used to masturbate thinking about her. I would never miss a chance to have a glance of her. Sometimes, I would to go her house and chat for a while. She was driving me crazy. One day, I was sitting on her home chatting with her.
She was looking sexy! Dressed in tight green salwar, she was stunning. Her boobs looked so huge that my cock was getting tight and big. I was feeling restless. I asked for a glass of water. She moved to the kitchen. I noticed her perfectly shaped booty.
I wanted to hold her waist tight then and there. She came back with a tray and a glass of water. She bent to give me water and I saw her cleavage, awesome, juicy boobs inside a sexy bra. Omg, I so wanted to fuck her! Aunty mai bathroom se aata hu.
I said and moved actually, my cock was so tight and I wanted to masturbate right then. Also, what I saw just then inside aunty’s salwar was exciting me a lot there was a panty in the bathroom. it was jackpot for me. I sniffed it at once.
It was the first time I got a panty so sniff. It smelled so good that I kept sniffing it for minutes then I lick it and started to shake my dick. I started slow but with the time, I was so horny that I stroked my dick harder and faster.
My volume increased too. At last, I moaned as I achieved orgasm.
Kya kar rae the? Aunty asked.
Kuch ni aunty I said.
Kal aana jb dopahar me tumhare uncle k jaane k baad. Fir tumhe panty ki jarurat ni padegi Aunty said and winked at me. I thought that I was too loud in the bathroom but once again, who cares? Because I was loud, aunty invited me for a sex party.
I could not sleep in the night. In fact, I masturbated three times just thinking about her then, in the morning and I took a shower wore nice underwear and clothes and went to her place in the noon. Sangeeta aunty knew that it was me.
She opened the door wearing nothing but a white towel her hairs were wet and open tum jaldi aa gae, mai to abi naha rai ti koi baat ni aunty. I said and closed the door. She instantly grabbed my dick and started rubbing it with my clothes on.
I was holding her chubby waist all that time. She was also biting my nipples at the same time. I was so hot at that time. I held her waist tightly and started scratching her doing so, her towel slipped and there she was, all naked.
I wanted to undress her myself but never mind. I undressed myself and aunty was on her knees. Her red lipstick and red nail polish was all I could see. My dick was invisible between her hands and mouth. She was sucking my dick deep throat.
She looked at me while doing so and I pulled her hair ooh aunty tumhare balls chusu kya? jo krna hai kro aunty then she licked my balls. That was one awesome feeling. After some time, I grabbed her boobs and started to press them.
They were just so big her nipples were erect in a flash juicy pink nipples, I was sucking them and biting them aahh. Aunty moaned but I did not stop aaahh bas bhi karo Aryan ni aunty aaj to mai ni ruk sakta. I kept pressing, squeezing her boobs and nipples.
I went for her pussy what a beauty she was and I licked them fast. My tongue was going very fast ahh. She cried and I went her to smooch her, our tongue rolled for fifteen minutes. Ab mai tumhe batai hu and she said and sat on my rock hard dick.
She was bouncing up and down very fast and I was holding her waist occasionally I would grab her boobs aww aunty aur tej aaahh aur tej?
Aur tej aunty aaahh ooohh after sometime, she was down in doggy style aahhhh Aryan please ruk jao and I was banging her from her back, holding her ass.
I spanked her ass aaah and I spanked her again aahhh and I was pulling her hairs, it was a awesome feeling and her ass was so curvy and nice to feel. I was moving my hands around it oohh Aryan aur tej kro bilkul aunti ji aaahhh both of us were moaning and the feeling was great.
Later, aunty was lying in bed again. I was touching her naked body from her boobs, stomach pussy to hips. She was getting very excited with my touch once again I kissed her lips. She was putting her tongue all over.
I was pressing her boobs while she held my dick. It was time for trying some missionary style fuck. I kept fucking her in that style until I drop inside her.
We lied on bed for some time and it was time for round two. Ladies can contact me.
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