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My thirst with watchman part-2

 My thirst with watchman part-1

Hi guys and girls this Yogita again. Thanks a lot for your feedback for my earlier story. My inbox got flooded with mails. I am thankful for all those love shown by readers. Due to lot of mails I may have missed some to reply, extremely sorry for that. I kindly request readers to read my earlier story to understand the back ground. Now moving with the story. The story I am sharing is 100% true.
When I wake up it was already 6 pm, I went in front of mirror and had look at my naked body and smiled to myself. After long time I was feeling so satisfied. I got freshen up and done with my daily cores. My in laws came in evening. After that nothing happened for 2-3 weeks. He never bothered me again, also never tried to take any undue advantage. We crossed each other few times but he behaved like nothing has happened.
Meanwhile rainy season started, here I and my hubby used to have phone sex that started increasing my sex desire again. Unknowingly I used to imagine my session with watchman while masturbating; now again I wanted to have some fun but was scared to proceed. Suddenly I got opportunity as some relative of my mother in law was serious and they planned to visit him for couple of days. I was too happy for this.
Now I started to plan how to take him again. Next day morning I drop my in laws at railway station, while returning I checked at gate unfortunately he wasn’t there I felt disappointed. I went to house then in evening I went out to purchase some groceries. I returned by auto got down at gate, I was struggling with two heavy bags and my watchman came and said “madam let me help you”. I was just wow, thinking of devil and he is here I gave him seducing smile.
We went to my apartment, he put the bag and moved back to return I stopped him for tea. He sat on sofa I went in kitchen my heart was beating very fast I removed by dupatta, my deep neck suit was showing ample cleavage. I came out of kitchen, he asked me about my in laws I told him about their trip. Then I bent down to offer him water, he suddenly pulled me down and started kissing me madly and pressing my boobs. I too responded him with inserting my tongue in his mouth.
Suddenly he threw me on sofa removed my salwar, drop down his trouser and inserted his dick in one shove, with pain  I just pushed him and said “Why you are in so hurry lets move to bed”. He said “Madam I am on duty now don’t have much time” and  forcely inserted his cock in my pussy started humping me really hard. I was moaning aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh please slow down, but he just ignored me completely and mercilessly kept stroking me.
Finally he came in my pussy, gave me a kiss and left immediately. I was pissed off by his behavior though I was expecting a good fuck, but not like this with just lowering my salwar and humping. After 10 min our intercom rang, I received the call it was watchman he was trying to say something without listening I disconnected as I was completely annoyed. He again called 5-6 times but I didn’t receive. After half an hour it again rang, I angrily received it following conversation happened
Me: kyu phone kar rahe ho?
He: I am really sorry madam, wo duty pet tha. Yaha pe koi aa jata to problem ho jati isiliye jaldi nikal gaya.
Me: thik hai ab wapis mat aao kabhi yaha.
He: pleas emadam muze maaf kar do, kabse khud ko roka tha aj control hi nahi hua.
Me: ha wo to dekha kitna interest tha tumko, abhi muze jarurat nahi hai teri.
He: madam please maaf kar do, aap thoda samzo agar yaha kuch ho jata to meri naukri chali jati. Meri duty khatam hogi 2 ghante me. Mai chup k se rat ko aata hu aapke yaha.
Me: koi jarurat nahi hai tumko samazta nahi hai kya jo bataya wo. Jo hua so hua. Ab wapis mat aao.
And I hung down, he didn’t call back. After hour or so I calm down and thought from his point of view felt pitty as he would have been in real trouble if something wrong has happened. And slut inside me was poking me for dick, I checked the watch it was 9.30 means half hour to complete his duty. I dialed intercom, he received it.
Me: hello
He: hello madam, please madam muze maaf kardo na.
Me: thik hai par ek shart par.
He: mai kuch bhi karne k liye tayar hu, aap bas maaf kar do.
Me: tumko aj puri raat mere yaha rehna padega, agar manjur hai to hi aajo warna kabhi kuch nahi milega.
He: thank u thank u madam. Mai 11 tak aa jata hu aapke yaha. (he sounded too happy on phone)
I disconnected and had my dinner. I was too excited now; my anger was completely changed into lust. I took dinner and had look at watch it was 10.15, I was damn excited, I cleaned shaved my pussy took bath and put on red color lingerie with short nighty which finished inch above my knees. Kept my hairs loose. I was looking at mirror suddenly I heard doorbell; I just rushed to open it. I took him in and checked out side just to ensure nobody has seen him. I locked door and we sat on sofa. He was lustily looking at my boobs as my nighty was showing great show of cleavage. He was quite hesitant to proceed as I was angry with him. I went close to him and kissed him, he well responded to my kiss. We kissed passionately for 15 min. I said him let’s move to bedroom. He nervously said “Madam can I ask you something?”
Me: please go ahead. Don’t worry.
He: Aap bura to nahi manoge?
Me: are ab kahoge bhi ya nahi. and muze madam madam kehne band karo Yogita kaho
He: kya mai thodi daru pi sakta hu? Jyada josh aayega.
Me: ha par mere ghar me kuch nahi hai.
He: uski fikar mat karo, maine layi hai. and he smiled at me.
He took out bottle of country liquor bottle and started drinking. When he was about to finished I snatched the bottle, he looks puzzled. I poured it on my lips and boobs and said ab piyo jyada maja aayega. Looking that he just went mad. He licked liquor from my cleavage to lips. Wows the feeling was really great. We started kissing passionately. He inserted tongue in my mouth, I sucked it with great lust. His hands moved to my ass, he pressed at hard so I left moan uuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm he slowly pulled my nighty up and started feeling my smooth thighs. He pressed me on wall while kissing.
He started kneading my ass over panty. He “kya makhmali skin hai teri janeman, bahut din se control kiya tha.” I was surprised with dirty words, I understood that liquor have started showing effect. Anyways that language was turning me more on. We were kissing passionately; I was moving hands in his hairs while our tongues were playing with each other. he moved his attention to my neck from lips he licked my neck to cleavage I left out light moan uuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm his tongue work was making magic. He was kissing and licking my neck and shoulders, he removed straps of my nighty and my nighty dropped down. He was amazed to see the view of hot girls standing with hot red lingerie.
He: Abe kya mst ag rahi to, do baar kiya par dhyan se dekh nahi paya tha, Sali kya maal hai. Balls to bhare bhare. Makhmali skin, ubhri hue gand. Tune galti kardi chinaal muze raat bhar bulake aaj to mai teri chut faad daluga. Randi banauga tuze meri.
OMG he was speaking so vulgar, but I was liking it his talks increased flow of my pussy. He was pressing boobs madly and kissing, licking my cleavage. He forced opened my bra and started to suck my boobs while pressing other, he was too excited that he was forcing my complete my boobs in his mouth. I was moaning continuously ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm uuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
My boobs turned red due to his sucking. I was just in my panty, I was dripping wet. Now I wanted his cock. I pushed him and tore open his shirt, kissed his hairy chest, moved my tongue around his chest, sucked his nipple. He was enjoying my act with moaning aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
He: kya kaamal ki chudkkad hai Sali. Itne din se dekh raha, sidhi sadhi lagti thi. Aaj pata chala ye to sabse badi chinaal nikli. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I moved down and pushed his trouser down completely, saw his cock first time so close it was around 9” long and thicker than my wrist. Lot of hair were there and smell of piss was coming. But I was beyond thinking anything that movement. I looked at his eyes lustily and moved my tongue from bottom of his cock to head. He closed his eyes in ecstasy I slowly took his cock completely in my mouth and started sucking.
He: ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh kya chos rahiiiiiiiiiiii merrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii jaaaaaaannnn aaj tak itna badhiya kisine nahi choooooosaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
He started pushing my head on his cock. I deep throated him. I then took it in my hand and sucked his balls. He just went mad and was moaning wildly. I again took it in mouth and keep sucking, he suddenly pushed my head, I understood he was going to cum, I tried to move my mouth but he was too strong.
Before I could withdraw he came in my mouth I was left with no option than to swallow. I swallowed it completely. He seems so satisfied, but I was dry, without wasting time I started kissing his stomach, chest again moved upward and kissed his lips. Again we were kissing passionately, he pushed me on floor and started licking my pussy, oh my god the moment he touched his lips on my pussy, I came immediately on his face, without hesitation he drank all my cum.
He kept licking my pussy I started moaning aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh liccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk itttttttttttt babbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy maaaaaaassssssssssssssstttttt laaaaaaagggggggggggg raha. He inserted his two fingers and moved them wildly and slowly he inserted his tongue in my asshole, first time I experienced this, I was in heaven ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh it felt so good. I again came this time moaning loudly. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh maaaaaaaaaaaajjjjjjjjjjjjaaaaaaa aa rahaaaa.
He came up and started kissing me and gave my cum in my mouth. I happily licked it.
Me: ab dal bhi do na. raha nahi jata
He: kya dal do.
I hold his cock.
He: mu se bol chinal Sali.
Me: are tumhara lund meri chut me dal do. Mai tadap rahi hu.
He: phone pe to nakhre kar rahi thi meri jarurat nahi kar k. mai nahi daluga
I was too hot I tried to pull his dick but he moved back. I was annoyed. But he was too adamant.
He: bolt u meri randi hai
Me: ha ha mai teri randi hu, chinal hu. Ab dal de andar.
He: bol k muzse roz chudvayegi.
I know he was insulting me, he want to degrade me, but lust has taken over me. I had completely forgotten my stats, my life, family just was his slave for the time.
Me: ha tu jab bolega tuzse chudvaugi. Dal de andar.
He then smiled at me and inserted his dick completely inside in one stork. I started moving my hips with rhythm.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my pussy was feeling in heaven. He was ramming his dick in my cunt. I had closed my eyes and enjoying the motion. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh ffffuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeee haaaaarrrrddddddddd fffffffuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccccccckk meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
He: Sali kya mast rand hai. Tuze yaha nahi kothe pe hone chahiye.
Me: ha teri rand hu mai ab chod muze jor se.
I turned him down and sat on his cock and started riding it wildly. I pushed my hairs back bent my head back so that he can get good view of my bouncing tits. He was pressing them. He pulled me down and took my boobs in mouth and while sucking give me powerful stroke from downwards. I was mad by his fuck. I came twice and process but he hasn’t come yet. I pushed me aside got up took my hair in his hand and put my head on sofa inserted his cock from back and again was stroking wildly and pressing my boobs and kissing my back.
He: mai choot raha hu chinal. Kaha pani girau.
Me: andar mat chodo meri boobs pe dalo.
Saying this I turned and offered him boobs. He came all over boobs and his body felt on me. We both were totally exhausted, breathing heavily.
He: kya maja aaya mast aj to jannat ki sair ho gayi. Aj tak itni chodi hai par itna maja kisi ne nahi diya.
Me: acha kitni chodi hai?
He: giniti kaha karte hum. Isi society ki 3 chodi hai ek chod k chali gayi. Ek tum aur ek wo upar rehti hai wo priya.
Me: muze to tum kafi sharif lagte the, itne din to kuch bole nahi muze.
He: muze bhi to tum sharif hi lagti thi, aur muze laga us din galti se hua tumse to thoda dar raha tha aage badh ne k liye leking aj pata chala tum to bahut badi chinal ho.
Me: bahut din se tadap rahi thi is k liye mai. Aj jake shant hue hai ye chut.
He: are abhi to shuru hua hai . aage aur bhi maja aayega. Meri rani.
Me: dekhte hai.
I said this and went to bathroom, cleaned his cum on my boobs, pissed and came back to see he was lying on bed. I went near him, he pulled me and we kissed passionately.
He: lagta hai abhi tak garmi nahi utari hai
Me: are itne din ki pyas hai aasani se bujzne wali nahi hai.
He: Sali bahar to badi sati savitri banti, andar se to kothe ki randiyo ko bhi piche chod degi.
Without letting him speak him any further I kissed him, and directly went down to his cock and took it in mouth sucked it, and slowly it started rising. After sucking for 10 min it became rock hard. He pushed me down inserted dick in pussy in missionary position and started stroking; I pulled him down and kissed his lips. He slowly stroked while kissing me and sucking my boobs. Within 10 min he came on my stomach. We were totally exhausted breathing heavily. He felt on my body, I was feeling satisfied after long time. We slept in same position naked.
How was my story, please send me your feedback on I have more experiences to share, but I will share only if I get response. Till that have great sex guys and girls.

Seduced my hot maid pooja

Thanks for the response to my experience story posted in  for your reference check the story with and ” “Sex with my colligue wife”.
I am fulling enjoying my sex life with my friend wife. monthly min 3 times i am fucking her very hard n deeply and she too plans sometimes.Now lets come to the point.
As you know friends im working in pune and staying alone in a flat, not getting enough time clear my room and cook daily and eat. so i hired a maid (Pooja) who can cook food breakfast and dnr for me and clear my flat daily.
1st day of her work at my flat, she came and she looks like middle age (around 30+) marathi women having a nose ring n typical marati dress of maids.
At first i dont have any bad intention towards her as i am fulling enjoying my sex life.
Daily Pooja use to come to my flat morning 6 and do her daily activities. generally i use to sleep at late nite and It is very hard for me to get up early morning at 6 because of stress at work and not having enough sleep. but i use to manage it.
A month passed she was cooking very well and keeping the flat clean n neat, i though of giving her a dupe key so that she wont disturb me in the morning.
one day my sex partner (imtiaz and ‘s wife) came to my flat in the evening as she informed imitaz that she is going to meet her cousin. It was her plan to get fuck by me as imtiaz job shift was night shift. We had a great fucking session whole night in my bed room and we slept naked. but i forgot about the maid. As usual she came at morning 6 opened the door and started doing her daily activities. She did nice breakfast and sweep all the rooms including my bed room.
Around 8 When i wake my maid left my house, i thought maid didnt turn up but breakfast is ready n floor is cleaned. i realized that maid had seen us both naked. I hired a cab for imtiaz wife and i went to office.
As usual maid use to come morning and evening to cook food for me, but for next two days i didnt got a chance to meet her as i was busy with office work. It was the weekend time. I planned to meet Pooja and have a small chit chat.
She came in the evening, as usual she stared her cooking. I told her to cook eggs curry. She did it and went i didnt say any word.
Nxt day morning she came and doing her activities, i was lying on bed and checking mails at laptop and all of suddenly she asked me dont you have fun last nite?.
Me : i was shocked with her Q? and said no she (imitiaz wife) is busy this weekend.
Pooja : Dont mind saying this it is not safe to have fun with married ladies.
Me : Y not safe, It is most easy and safest way to have sex with known married ladies. i not having sex with unknown persons. By saying this i pulled pooja near to the bed and said, i want to have fun with you as you seen my dick and enjoyed the view. now it my turn.
Pooja: I am impressed with your dick size but I am not ready for it now give some time by saying this, she is left the room and went to kitchen. i stood up and took off my short and i was only on short. after some time i went to kitchen.
When i went to kitchen she was busy in cooking. I said ok no force take your time and come to me but now do one thing by saying it i hugged her from back and started kissing her neck and pressing her boobs.
She was shocked with my act and tried to move away from my hands but i hold her hand and place on my dick over short which as hard.Slowly i increased the speed of kissing and pressing boobs strongly . She slowing moaning. i turned her towards me and did lip-lock. we smooched for some time and i remove her saree pallu and opened her blouse and started sucking her nipples it was nice.
We moved to hall and sat on sofa and again started kissing. i moved my one hand over her boobs and then tried to open her saree. but i was unable to open it. She broke the kiss and said not today plz, as it tks time for me to wear saree again. next time we will have sex. after saying this she again started kissing my lips. So i didnt force her but i enjoyed sucking her boobs and i told her to give blowjob and she did it very nicely and drunk my juice. we enjoy for nearly 1 hour and she left my flat.
In the evening she same with same saree i got disappoint and asked her, Why you didnt changed you dress.
Pooja : I didnt have time to go home and change dress, from morning to evening i will be working at different different flat.
Me : Sorry for troubling you and went back of her and kissed her neck and pressed her boobs and went to back to my room and started watching TV.
Aftr some time she came to my room and said, Your dinner is ready and shall i get your juice once again.
I just smiled at her, she came towards me and sat on bed pulled my short down and started sucking my dick. I was enjoying her sucking. she sucked with full speed and drunk my liquid and gave a liplock. we exchanged the mixture of her saliva and my liquid in our mouths. i pull her on bed and opened her blouse and started sucking her boobs one by one. She requested not to make any marks on boobs. i sucking her boobs with fully. again we have sucking session for 30 mins. By the time she was leaving my dick got its hardness again. i requested her to give blowjob again and she did it and drunk left my flat. I ate my dinner and locked the door and slept naked.
Next day Pooja came and gave a bed coffee and asked to wear the dress, i was not ready to wear any dress because pooja didnt came in saree she was wear punjabi kurta and pyjamas.
After Completion of her work we both had a full fucking session still evening. In the evening i asked her what about the work at other flat. She told me that she took off today at other flats.
I was thrilled by her answer as she planed everything to get fucked by me and came to my flat in the morning.
In the next episode I will tell you how many angles and how i enjoyed fucking pooja.
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My Mom’s Secretary

Hi , aunites of WNS , thanks for your comments that you naughty aunties sent me on my previous story , every one need a aunty in their life who really is to be horny and needs to be fucked up day and night by a guy who is a bachelor ?? Accept this ladies and aunties?? This is ramkumar a guy from Coimbatore who is going to tell the real incident which happened with my mom’s colleague , her office mate , she was the new assistant joined there , starting to like the title of my story ?? mail me your comments to . waiting for your comments ?? anyone have their pussy to be drilled ?? Your pussy is always welcome at my inbox. This is the longest story ever you might have read , you need a lot of patience , then start stroking as soon as you finish reading my story .
It is a government office , where my mom was working in , surrounded with lots a granny’s ( all old ladies ) none was there till someday I was expecting , my mom was the senior most staff in the office . I used to go there to give her the lunch she used eat during the afternoon, and I was always popular in the office and almost everyone knew me over there. One day my mom left very early to office and she urged me to drop her there in the office .
I too just got up from the bed and casually went in with my trousers on it . There I saw a lady with who was in her mid-30! She wore a yellow colour blouse and she looked damn stunning, I just opened my mouth seeing her, I thought causally that she was a client who visited her office, and I left off from there. I returned back in the afternoon to give lunch for her. Then only I came to know that she was my mommy s assistant, newly appointed as my mom got loads of workloads, she requested for a assistant personally for her and she got appointed. Her name was sudha and her home was two streets across our home .
Everything just gave a mouth opening news, I did know how to seduce her and I did no how to find whether she was sex starved or whether she needed sex so badly? she had her husband working and she had a small kid and he was in his second standard ! I waited for a opportunity very eagerly and day by day I started admiring her and got and used every single opportunity to speak to her in the absence of her.
She was very hesitant in speaking with me , but casually we both got closer and somehow and luckily I got her mobile number .
To my luck she was in whatsapp , she had a very basic smart phone which got me very lucky , I just sent a hi message to her mobile , hell her last seen was only in the morning time and I waited for a blue tick for a very long time , finally she came online only in night eleven , she too texted back a hi message , I was at a wow feeling and she had some wordings as her display picture on whatsapp ,
I asked her to change her profile pic on whatsapp , and without even asking anything she changed it back (I too needed a topic to start on ) , OMG !! She was gorgeous on that picture , every day she used to wear saree to the office ( her 35 sized boobs viewable ) and she used to wear it such that we can have a clear view of her cleavage from it . The pic she updated now was a chudi dress without any duppata on it , for her size it seemed too sexy ! I started to appreciate her ,
Sudha : is this dp okay ?
Me : OMG ? okay aha ?? this is perfect one , where did you take this pic ?
Sudha : I took this with my college mates da , don’t I seem to be looking good in it huh what ?
Me : huh what ? you really seem to be more lovely than you are in the boring saree you wear in the office ! you are really gorgeous , why don’t you wear such clothing’s for office ? (With a sad simile)
Sudha : that is office , so I got to be like that only , ill wear such costumes only when I go out !
Me : he he he ! Then why don’t you tell me when you go out ?? I would love to see you ! you really look beautiful on this !
Sudha : thanks a lot ! I haven’t got such a lot compliments from any one till now , you are over flowing with your words , I’ll tell you when I come out with my family ! me , my husband and my child iill come for a movie very often , join us some day may be !
(The thing , the conversation was a spoiler one , when she mentioned her husband I thought that this is never gonna work out and for time no ideas came into my mind )
Me : huh ?? (added five to six sad simile )
Sudha : ( after two minutes of break she replied ) why sad ??
Me : how do you think I can check out your outfitting’s when you come along with your husband and children ??
Sudha : ha ha ha !
Me : what does this smile means ? (again two sad simile )
Sudha : okay ill someday come alone for shopping , that time you join with me ?
Me : just shopping ??
Sudha : what else do you need da ??
Me : why wont you come out for a movie with me huh ??
Sudha : movie ? with you huh ?
Me : why anything wrong ?
Sudha : nothing wrong in it ? let me see ! so when gonna sleep ? too much texting huh ?? do you have lots of girlfriends , doing overnight chats ?
Me : I have some ! but while texting with you ? how can I chat with someone else sudha ? ( I called her by name for the first time )
Sudha : ahem ahem ! How close are you with your girl friends ? does your mom knows that you speak with girls huh ??
Me : he he he , she doesn’t even know that I text you itself , that how do you think she will know about my girl friends ?
Sudha : are you in any serious relationship ??
Me : nothing like that all sudha , I was , but we broke up !
Sudha : don’t worry da , ( she started convincing me and I started blushing at every action of hers )
Me : now only sudha is there nah ? Then how will I .feel? ( I started flirting at her too )
Sudha : dai , dai , she repeated !
Then conversation slowly developed and we became very close , and she I stared sharing every single secrete of mine and she too vice versa , at a very long night chat she said me that her husband was a drunkard guy and he used to beat her very frequently , I used to convince her using soothing words , she sometimes used to say , I never expected to get a friend like you . All my friends got married and they are always busy in their own works, earning their own money , but to hear all my problems only you are there , this relationship continued , sometimes I acted to be naughty in my texts too .
Then after one long night chat , after we got very close , I asked her , when is she taking my for a film , she said that we can go this weekend , she asked me to book tickets for the film . I booked two corner seats for the ghost film released three weeks before, while I booked none of the seats got filled , I was very happy at that instant and I messaged her the ticket information too , she too agreed and it was a evening show , which got over only by nine in the night , it was mid of May and her kid was on vacation , she sent him to her mother’s home for a week .
The theatre was out from crowd and it was out skirt of the city limits also , she came in a red coloured saree and she smiled at me , she came only by bus and I came in a two wheeler , I planned everything perfectly and waited very long to let this moment to happen . we both got inside the theatre minutes before the film even started , it was a sofa seated , which happened to be only one at a row and the crowd was very minimum .
She saw me and asked ? dai what is happening here ? I said ? why anything wrong it ah nu I asked ( innocently ) she gave a naughty smile at me ! the movie started in no minutes and it started normally In the beginning , and I causally move myself towards her and due to the sound effect she too came towards me , we both got closer as there was no gap between us , we both were conversing as the film was going on , I said that in this dress she was really beautiful , she laughed and said thanks da ! then normally in horror films some naughty romance scene used to come and that scene too finally came , she felt a bit shy and she closed her eyes , nothing happened during the romance scene , then I twenty minutes after the film started actually came the horror scene , without my knowledge she held my hand and placed in her lap .
Initially I kept my hand on her lap without any movement , all of a sudden I started acting to my senses , I slowly started pressing my hand over her thighs , she did not say anything or she did not even respond anything , I took it as an advantage and started moving it further inside and she too held my hand .
During all this time I then slowly slid sideways and was leaning on to her shoulders. So when she took my hand it automatically touched her breasts and my hand was inside her armpit. That was the first time I had the feel of her soft breasts , it was really a superb feeling , I was in my cloud nine during that time .I slowly made movement with my hands such that she was able to make out what I was up to , then too she did not respond heavily .
The movie on the other side was going very scary , some of the times even I too got scared , those times she used to apply further pressure on my hands and she used to slide on to my shoulder and she intentionally made me to feel her breasts , all of a sudden when the film was going silently I started moving my hands in the breasts (like calling her , in need of something ) she too saw my face and I too saw on to her eyes , and slowly I moved my face near hers , all the time without my knowledge I was seeing her face and slowly we came nearby and slowly I held my lips to hers and we kissed each other , it was a wonderful kiss which she gave during that time. During that time my hand was still on her thighs and I started pressing it more and more and we nearly kissed for about two minutes in full length.
She felt happy and she did not speak to me that moment after we had the kiss at the moment .after some time she asked me how was the kiss, no sooner she started crying, I did not to what to do, I was embarrassed at the moment, I did not know how to react, and I did not want any more of the thing for moment. So I just wiped her tears and I said its okay and she started getting better and she stopped crying and she slid below and she laid on my shoulders and she held my hand and she said thanks and she kept my hand. The movie got over in no moment and when we went out we found out that it started raining , she too came in bus while she reached the theatre and I came by my two wheeler , and she did not ask me to drop her and I too waited till the rain may stop . But it did not seem stopping and I waited for the moment to come, she herself asked me to drop her I her home.
We both stared going, and the velocity of the rain increased and in no time we reached her home. We almost drained in the rain, and she told me to drop her in the home itself as her husband won’t be there as he is out of station on a meeting trip from his company. So I reached her home , and she got off and she came in front of me , and when I saw her , she was fully wet and her saree was to her body and the shaped of boobs was clearly visible and I kept my face very sad, and she too kept a pause for a minute and she saw me and she invited me into her home , initially I heisted knowing that she will call me again and she told me to come inside to dry myself and leave after the rain stopped .
I happily came inside and she told that she will change herself and come back after having her dress changed, before she went I asked then when will I dry myself? Then she stopped a moment and she said naughtily you too come inside, I was on my heavens.
I followed her inside and she turned on the fan inside and I started shivering and she saw me and she came closed and she held my hand, all of a sudden we both were sticking to each other hugging each other , I never left her and we fell into the bed hugging each other and we were in the position such that I was in the bottom and she was on the top of me , and she made me stretch my hands and it was on the cross position and she too kept her hand in that position and my chest almost fell her full breasts and I was unable to do anything , she then stared kissing me all over my face ,
Then she brought her hands towards my face and started biting my lips then I pulled back her face , made a roll and I set myself in a position such that she went down and I came on the top . I caught her hand , stretched them and I slowly moved her saree making her belly button visible and I started kissing over there , I stared kissing all over her tummy and I progressed on to her breasts without even removing her saree and I started biting her nipple , she was moaning in a sound and then I started kissing all over her neck , she liked it a lot and then I progressed to her lips and we both had a lip lock which me made it last for two minutes in full length .
Then she pushed me and we both were laying on the bed for a minute and then she got up and she told naughtily that you came inside for drying yourself only naha ?? Instead why are you making me more wet, come on get up dry yourself, dry yourself she stared insisting me and she started removing my shirt and my pant , there she saw my dick straighten up with a bulge on my pants .she saw and giggled as if she is on her high , she smiled and removed that too and she sat on the floor with me lying on the bed. Then she started eating up my cock, I really enjoyed my cock inside her mouth and she stroked until I cummed and she loved it doing that.
Then I stopped her by hand and threw on her bed and it was my turn for actions to happen then I slowly started removing her saree to the fullest , then she had her red blouse on it which was fully wet and I slowly unhooked it and I opened to see her wonderful melons with her nipple which was like pin pointing inside her bra , and I really loved her bra which she wore that day , I started biting those nipples with her bra still on it , and she started making some noise and I slowly removed of her bra making to feel the warmth of her skin .
I started just sucking those and my hands were pressing them , she had a perfect figure where no one can stop staring at her boobs , I was really eating them , I did not believe even then that I had bedded my mom’s secretary , I was in my heavens , then I started licking her lower part of her belly ,
I slowly progressed towards her pussy and her ass hole , then I removed her saree in the lower part and she had her black panties on her , she just looked damn sexy on it with the dim light on and first I bit her pussy fully and then slowly I inserted my hand inside it where I found a bush inside it , it seemed that no one took care of it for a very long time then I pressed the walls of her pussy and she moaned and made a sound initially ,
Then I removed her panties and it rested on to her legs , I did not remove it fully making her legs unstrechable , then slowly I started licking them , she loved it and she placed her hand over my head and she started pushing it further , I had one of my hands over her boobs and the another hand was stretching her pussy to get my tongue accessible to her inner pussy , it was black walled with inner thing pink in colored , it started applying my saliva and made it more oily and it smelled even worse and yet that smell made me stay in her pussy for a long time
Then I removed her inner ware completely in an order that she was able to stretch her legs , all the time when I was doing these things the light was on for the whole time , then I first before inserting my dick inside her pussy I started or I needed her to feel my finger deep inside her pussy and I needed to make her hard pussy gain some easiness , so I inserted my middle finger first inside her pussy , she moaned very heavily and I started stroking them inside creating a lube ,
Then I inserted two of my fingers into her pussy , she started loving them , she then wanted to do something while I was doing them , so we both adjusted ourselves and we laid in a 69 position where I was laying on her and she was on to my , she again started giving a blowjob , my dick was her play thing , we did the same to each other and this carried on, then at a moment I was having four of my fingers inside her pussy , then I went to her ass hole , but It was so difficult for my single finger to go inside .
Then she wanted my dick inside her pussy , she told me to insert my dick inside her pussy and she need it to be rammed so badly , then I made her lay on the bed and I came on to the top , I was a bit hesitant at the starting , she giggled seeing me and she went to the drawer and took out a packet and she tore it up , to my surprise she had a condom , which was her husbands , she then kissed my dick and inserted the condom into my penis , then I had a big relief and then I wanted to make her feel really very very hard , I slowly inserted it inside ,
While it went inside slowly it was very tough for a push up inside , she screamed ahaaa
Then I took my dick out , it did not go inside fully , I then made a gentle push the same again and she screamed as if it was a very long time before she had sex , then I took it out and I again licked her pussy and gave a pause , a wait , then again I took my penis and inserted it and slowly I pushed it until the full length of my dick went inside , and slowly step by step I took it outside ,then I applied my saliva to her pussy which might add a lube against it , then again now my dick without any pressure went easily the full length , then slowly I started stroking it , and I increased my pressure , while she stared shedding tears in her eyes and to avoid over noise I bent down with my dick inside the pussy and I kissed her lips with smoothened her .
Then she wanted some action to happen and she made me lye on the cot and she came on the top of me, she then took hold of my cock and she slowly inserted it inside her pussy , she struck it in such a manner that she almost got struck , she did not take it out or she stroked it outside , she made a pause and slowly she stared getting up , then she started stroking it out and in , she increased the speed , then to make it really painful I pulled her in such a manner that her breasts were inside my mouth and she had my dick inside her pussy still , she loved the things . then we almost fell tired and finally she again gave me a hand job and she drank off my juices and I were licking some from her pussy , finally we both had ourselves sticky .
Slowly we both decided to bath up , we both went naked inside the bath room , turned on the shower , initially we both made ourselves wet , then I carried her on my arms and filled her stomach with water and I started drinking them , then we both applied soap to each other and took bath together , and she then brought a towel where we dried each other and then went , adjusted the bed , made it properly and we flew into the bed naked.
We did not know when we slept even , in the morning we hugged each other and I was sleeping , in the morning we both woke up by eight in the morning and we both dressed ourselves , she made some tea , finally before leaving I kissed her heavily and left her home . we then planned and I got luckily were she and her friend discussed about it and I had a threesome with they both , her friend had a greater structure then her.
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