Friday, 3 July 2015

Doctors made me crazy in the party

Hi again dear readers, thank you for all your lovely comments. I would like to tell you about this incident that happened in a party.
After being gang-banged by the neighbor in front of my hubby (Gangbanged in front of my husband), he started to pay
even lesser attention to me than he used to earlier. Although I was not worried
as I kept getting my share of sex from the other sources, but I had to show
that I was getting more and more horny. We were supposed to attend a party
organised by a drug company, where the other guests included my hubby’s friends
and colleagues. These parties are known to be overflowing with alcohol as the
surgeons love free alcohol. Before leaving for work in the morning, my hubby
asked me to be ready for the event in the evening. I though that this will be a
perfect opportunity to restart the fire between us. I planned to dress up real
sexy, and gather all the attention I can to make my hubby jealous.
I had recently brought clothes similar to the Chhammak
challo dance that Kareena Kapoor was wearing in the movie, with red translucent
short blouse, and red bra. I decided to wear that in the evening. When my hubby
returned, I expected him to compliment me for the sari, but instead he got a
little angry at me for dressing in such a slutty fashion. He said, “The
place will be swarming with guys. I just wanted to take you because we are not
able to go out very frequently.” I offered to change, but he declined as
we were already late. I put on a shawl (although it was summer) and went to the
party. People were enjoying themselves, and there was soft music in the
background. I was meeting my hubby’s colleagues, and everyone was asking me if
I am sick, as I was wearing the shawl in the summer.
I managed to get together with three other women in a corner, while the men were enjoying among themselves. Since I was not supposed to meet any more guys, I got rid of my
shawl. I was getting few stares from them, but that didn’t seem to be a problem.
There were about twenty men and only four women in the party, all of them in
their thirties. It was barely one hours when the three women said that they
will be leaving, and left with their husbands. I too started to look for my
hubby, but couldn’t find him around. I even called him on his phone but there
was no reply. I found out through his colleague that he had left half an hour
ago for an emergency surgery. I was sad that he left me alone in the party,
without even informing me. Trying to empathize with me, his colleague took me
to the bar for a drink.
We talked through the drink, and when I finished, I told him
that I should get going too. But just when I was about to get up, another of
his colleague joined in and asked me to accompany him for another round. He
even offered to drop me home. This went on for some time, and after four drinks
I was surrounded by six of his colleagues. I was not totally high, but I did
reach the stage of losing inhibitions. The men were complimenting me on my dress,
ear rings, sandals, and even my figure. One of them while talking about my
sari, even help the pallu and pulled it slightly down to exposed the top half
of my breasts.
I didn’t bother covering it back. I continued to drink real
slow, and the guys were now coming closer and closer to me. They were putting
their hands on my thighs, and the comments kept on becoming more and more
personal. The music became louder, and now the guys around me were high on
alcohol. Their hands were now moving over my waist and behind my neck. I was
getting turned on, and wanted it to go on. One of them said, “You are
dressed like a whore, why don’t you act like one too,” taking out a five
hundred note, he continued, “this is yours if you dance for us baby.”
We had a nice laugh, and I accepted the dare. I started
dancing to the tune, and within a minute, the guy came, and pulling my
petticoat, he placed the note on the waistline. I was beginning to look like a
complete whore, and I was loving it. Another guy made the same offer, and
placed it inside my blouse, getting a good feel of my breast. I was dancing in
the middle of the floor, and remaining ten guys were dancing around me, feeling
me up as often as they can. I had notes hanging all around my clothes and my
hands were full of them too. The guys came closer and got rid of my sari, and I
continued to dance. Very soon the guys were waving thousand rupees notes at me,
but they wanted to put it in my bra. I couldn’t resist myself at the sight, and
I got rid of my blouse too.
The men loved to stretch my bra, and get a nice
feel of my bare breasts while pushing in thousand bucks in my bra. One of the
men sillily pulled the knot of my petticoat, and it fell down, leaving me dancing
between ten to fifteen men in my red lingerie only. People now started to get
closer to me, and there was lots of squeezing going on. One of the men
approached me from behind, and unhooked my bra, and it fell down along with the
rupees I had stashed in it. He held my bare breasts tight as they fell around
me. I got rid of him, got down on the floor on my knees and elbows collecting
the money. People were now pulling the string of my panties to get a glimpse of
my butt. One of the guys put his finger inside and found its way to my asshole,
while I collected the money. After I was done collecting, he snatched the money
from my hand and seating himself on a chair, he opened his pants, and stashed
it in his undies, and said, “I know you can gimme a lap dance and take it
I was already in the mood, and I went up to him, sat on his
lap, and started shaking my boobies right in front of his face. Then, I turned
myself around, and got my butts real close to his face, and started shaking it
for him. The guys were watching me in awe, and I started to slowly pull my panties
down. The man started to spank me, and he was licking my butts, and even the
ass. He started to tickle my urethra with his nails, and I couldn’t stop myself
from pissing on him as I was already loaded with alcohol. He started to drink
it, and even lick my pussy, and there I was stark naked and moaning loud in
front of fifteen men. He took out the money, and held it between my butt cheeks
while I held them tight right in there. I was offered two thousand rupees by
the other men for similar lap dances, and I happily obliged the men. After I
was done with all of them, it was almost 10pm. I received a call from my hubby
and he told me that he had to leave because of an emergency. He also wanted me
to stay there for another hour, as he will come and pick me up.
The guys around me wanted to fuck me, but I knew it was not
possible to satisfy all of them. The medical representative (pharma guy who had
organized the party) was quietly watching the entire act, and he suggested,
“Why don’t we let madam decide, that who will be fucking her for the next
hour? In return she can do it right in the middle of the hall, so that all of
us can enjoy it.” Everyone agreed immediately, but one of the doctors
added, “But she must take our load of cum atleast.” I was wondering if
today was my luckiest day. First, I am getting to choose the best guy to fuck
me, and second take cum shots of about 15 men on me. I agreed asking the price
that I expect to receive for the act. The pharma guy immediately agreed to get
me twenty five thousand for the act.
I asked the men to stand in the queue, and then open their
pants and undies so that I can judge them on the basis of the size of their
cocks. I wrapped my sari around me as the pants were immediately dropped. I
started feeling up their cocks, even licking few of them for an extra five
hundred. After I was done with the doctors, the pharma guy also stood at the
end of the queue, and dropped his pants. I now knew why he made this entire
proposition of letting me select the guy for me, and even agreed to pay me the
sum so easily. He had the biggest cock among the lot, real hard, and totally
clean shaved. I looked at him, smiled and planted a kiss on his lips. Everyone
knew that the decision was made, and the doctors surrounded us, as the two of
us kissed real passionately.
I handed my pallu to the guy, and rolled out of my
sari. I rolled back in the arm of the pharma guy, and took his blazer, and
shirt off. He hugged me tight, as our naked bodies merged into each others’. He
turned me around, and holding me tight at the waist, started to kiss my neck,
taking gently bites. I knew I was in the hands of a pro. His fingers were
playing with my navel, as he continued to mesmerize me with his lips. Everyone
was quiet, and staring us. I too started to heat the entire thing up, as I put
my hands behind, grabbing his butt. His hand went down from my navel, and now
was rubbing my clitoris. The other hand was playing with my nipples. I was
going out of control, and started to squeeze my tits for greater stimulation.
He now put his hand on my butt, and grabbing it tight, he
turned me around, kissing my neck, and went down sticking his mouth on my
breast. He was licking one, and squeezing the other one at the same time. I
grabbed his back, and held him tight against my body. I was squeezing his butts
tight, as his cock grew on my body. He lowered down further and was now sucking
on my navel. It felt like heaven and then he started to finger me real fast. My
cunt was leaking, and he was taking all of my juice in his mouth. He called for
a mattress, and the waiter who too was watching it all happily got it for us.
He laid me down flat on it, and started to lick my pussy. I was leaking
even harder now, and to get the most of it, he started to kiss and suck my cunt.
His tongue was frequently poking me inside, and I was left moaning right in
front of horny men. He continued to suck me for about 20 minutes, and I was
throwing orgasms one after the other. The doctors around me were beginning to
lose control too. They took turns to drop in and suck me tits while I was
enjoying perhaps the best ever cunt sucking of my life. A few of them also shot
their load on my face.
The pharma guy now crawled up my body, and said,
“Its your turn to give me the pleasure now slut.” He sat on the
chair, while I went down on my knees, holding his mammoth cock. It was easily
10 inches, and the largest I have ever seen. I put my breasts around it, and
squeezed it between them. After making it wet enough, I started to lick his
clean shaved cock, right from the tip to the root and then the balls. The
waiter came forward with a cup of chocolate sauce, and handing it to me, he
also got a feel of my butts. I poured the chocolate sauce, and it was fairly
hot enough to give him some pain. I immediately started sucking it, and the
pharma guy asked the waiter to start pouring vodka on the cock as I continued
to suck it. After twenty minutes of cock sucking, he fucked me by lying down
over my body, I was moaning a lot with the pain. He was fucking me very hadly and I was njoying his every shot.  He shot his load inside me within 10 minutes. The doctors now ready to fuck my mouth standing in the queue with holding their cocks. I was sucking the cocks one by one. I was taking all their loads in my mouth and enjoying a lot. After loading their cum some of them playing with my naked body while I was sucking the remaining cocks. Some of them are pinching my nipples sucking them. I was going crazy by doing such naughty things. I am very happy after having 15 guys cum in my mouth. When I finished some of the cocks became hard again. They offered me 5 more thousand  for taking all their cum on my body. I have slept down in the middle of dance floor they all rounded up me and stroking their cocks. All came on my body , and by the end of it, I was soaked in cum . I went to the bathroom
with my clothes and cleaned up, and went back home with my hubby as if nothing

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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Colligue ko training pe choda

Hi to all, my name is raj and i am back with my next story. Kese jobmate ko choda. And thanks jisne bi pichli story padi and emails ki or pyar diya.
Ab side story par ata hu, ye story pr ata hu ye 6 months pehle ki ha, hamare yaha naya naya shopping mall ban raha tha to waha new brand store ane wale the ,me sales ki job ke liye interview dene gaya marks & spencer ke store ke liye or me select bi ho gaya or salary 15000 lag gayi, fir company walo ne 20 din ki training ke liye out of station bej diya, waha jo candidates select huye the aaye huye the un me kuch ladkiya bi thi, meri najar ek ladki pr padi eo boht sunder thi, dekhte hi soch liya tha ki isko set krna ha. Fir sabse intro hua, or kuch hi din me sab ache dost ban gaye, us ladki se bi bat huyi uska nam neha (name changed) tha, dikhne me ek dum tabahi thi.
Uske boobs ka size 34 hoga shayd or uski gand dekh kr pagal ho gya jab wo chal rahi thi uski gand puri mtak rahi thi jee to kiya ja ke uski gand pr hath fer du pr abi kuch ni kar sakta tha nd rang gora tha. Ek dum sexy maal thi. Jise dekh kr kisi ka bi loda pent me tambu bna de. Mera khada hone lga. To mene upar ki traf karke set kiya taki kisi ko pta na chal jaye. Sab ke dusre ke friend ban gye. Or kafi gul mil bi gye ek dusre ke sath me to bas usi ke khyal me duba raha. Raat bar uske bare sochta raha or uske nan ki muth bi mari. Kuch din bad mene bulana shuru kiya. Hii hello. Hamari bat shuru huyi and numbers exchange huye, whatsapp pr msg chat hone lagi mene kuch din bad use propose kr diya, usne mana kr diya.
Fir wo bimar ho gyi to use medicine leke di. Uska pura khayal rakha. Wo mera sahara leke chal rahi thi. Kyuki use kamjori thi bukhar ke karan.Or me apne room me hi le aya. Kuch der bad wo apne room me jane laggi. To mene insist kiya ki aj yahi pr so ja. Or tabiyat kharab huyi to dyan kon rakhega tera. Tu muj pr wishwas kar sakti ha. Me sofe pr so jaunga. Tu bed pr so jana. To mere room me hi raat ko sone ko tyar ho gayi.
Fir khana kha kr bed pr let gye kuch der bad usne muje hug kr liya. Mene us se kaha i wanna kiss u to nakhre karne lgi. Me gusa ho ke dusri side muh karke let gya. Fir usne kaha ki thik ha kar lo. Fir usko lips pr kiss ki 10 min tak lete huye.
Fir ek hath se uske left boob pakad liya or dabane laga. Ab vo bi sath dene lagi. Yr top utar du tumhara or uska top utar diya fir boobs press kiye dono hatho se. Uski bra bi khol di white color ki. Or boobs chusne laga. Vo mera sir pakad ke boobs pr dabane lagi. Usko kaha ki kiss karna chahta hu. To usne kaha kr to li ha. Mene kaha ab teri chut pr karni ha. Uski jeans ka button khola and jeans niche ki. Usne black panty pehni huyi thi.
Uski panty utar kr chut chatne laga. Wow maza aa gya chut chat kar. Wo mere samne puri nangi padi thi. Usne mere kapde bi utar diya. Den uski chuy pr rakha or dakka mara fir jor jor se dakke lagane laga. Wo moan karne lagi. Usko bi maza aa raha tha. Kuch der bad jas chutne wala tha to bahar nikal liya or uske pet pr maal gira diya sara. Fir chut me lun dal ke hug kr liya. Kuch der bad fir se khada hone laga.
Me uski gand marne ko tyar tha. Us bed pr doggi style me kiya. Or uski gand ke ched pr olive oil lagaya jo ki me sath me le gya tha training pr. Fir ungli de andr tak oil lgaya. Or thora sa lun pr lagya or dakka mara. Uski gand tite thi. Wo chikhi bahar nikalo dard ho raha ha. Usko samjaya ki kuch der hoga. Bad me maza ayega. To vo man gayi. Pura udki gand me gusa diya. Or shots lagane shuru kiya. Har shot pr ahh ahh ki awaz nikalti. Kuch der bad khud hi gand hilane lagi aage piche.
Fir let gya bed pr or se upar bethne ke liye kaha. Or wo gand me lekar beth gayi or uchalne lagi. Moan bi kr rahi thi ahhhhhhh ahhhhh. Fir mera nikalne wala tha yo mene use kaha ki tere face pr chutana chahta hu. Wo tyar ho gayi. Niche gutno ke bal beth gayi. Or mene thori muth mar kr sara maal uske face pr gira diya. Thora sa uske muh me bi chala gya or use khansi hui.
Uske pure face pr maal tha. Ankho ke niche . Mathe pr. Ab us ne kaha ki chut chato. To me tyar ho gya wo bed ke kinare beth gyi or me jamin pr beth kr chut chatne laga. Kuch der baad wo mere muh me hi jadh gayi. Wah maza aa gya tha chut chatne me. Hum dono thak kr bed pr let gaye nange hi rahi raat bar. Mene decide kiya ki chut pr muh laga ke chatte huye sone ka. Or niche hua. Or chu me jib daal pr ankhe bad kr li. Or uska ek hath mere sar pr tha. Or hum so gaye. Subah uth to mene dekha ki wo naha kr tyar bi ho gayi thi. Muje usne good morning wish ki or i lov u bola. Or nashta kiya. Or training lagane chale gaye.
Apko story kesi lagi.Ap email kar sakte ha pr. Agar koi ladki punjab se milna chahye ya dosti krna chahe to mail kare. Or agli story jobmate ko choda 2 likh raha hu. Jo ki is se age continue hogi. Apke mails ka intzar rahega.

My thirst with watchman

Hello guys and girls, I am Yogita 26 from Pune. I am married two years back with no child. I am fair looking girl with stats of 32D-25-35. Lot of men used to stare me using their lusty eyes when I am outside. This is my first story to ISS, so please pardon for any mistakes.
Now let’s move to story. This is completely true story happened with me 1 year back. I am happily married to a software engineer and was housewife when this happened. I and my hubby had a great sex life and I was satisfied with him. But unfortunately after six month he went to US for 1 year for his company job. Due to visa problem I had to stay back with my in laws. Few days went good but after month boredom started killing me, I started searching job but even I wasn’t getting the same. I also started missing my wonderful sex life.
We used to do chatting and Skype calls, I used fingers to satisfy myself. But he got more busy there so our chat and calls frequency reduced a lot. My urge was increasing day by day. I never felt to cheat my husband as I loved him a lot. One late night around 3am I was talking with my hubby on phone while standing in gallery, our call got finished. I waited there to enjoy cool breeze of air. I was casually looking around suddenly I saw society watchman was peeing in bushes near our building. I was shocked to see his tool more than 6” in flaccid state.
He didn’t notice me as I was on 1st floor with no light in balcony. He peed n went he didn’t bother to look around as it was pretty late and he was sure nobody will look him. Unknowingly I felt wet down. I felt ashamed of myself to get attracted to such low class man. (He was dark in complexion, age around 40 with medium built). I went inside my bed, I tried lot to ignore the scene but his cock wasn’t going out of my mind, finally masturbated to calm down.
Next day was quite normal at night I went out for walk after dinner with my friend I saw the watchman again, suddenly I look down to his crotch, I remembered yesterday’s scene. At night I went to balcony but he didn’t come. I felt guilty as I was actually wanted to see his cock again to masturbate. Oh god what is happening to me.
After few days my in laws went to some relatives and were supposed back at night. Fan in our bed stopped working; I was pissed off as afternoon heat was unbearable. I went to my neighbor for electrician’s contact, she called the electrician but he was out of town. She said let’s ask watchman if he knows someone. We called him; he said that if work in small he can check. So he came with us. Mean time my neighbor’s kid came from school so she went to her flat.
Finally I and watchman were in my flat. I took him to bed and showed him fan as it was little high so we put stool on bed. He asked to support stool as it don’t hard ground. I was holding stool such that my face was near to his crotch area. It was hard for me resist looking his cock. Unknowingly my eyes were going there. Accidentally his cock brushed my face. I got wet down there.
He checked something and told me that it is minor problem, some wire is cut and he shall replace it. He fixed the wires and was fitting final bolts as I saw that he was staring my cleavage as my top was loose and he was getting good show. I ignored it, but his dick started rising. Oh my god it was looking big inside his trouser. My pussy was started dripping. He intentionally brushed his cock to my lips. He caught me staring his erection. I felt too ashamed. In process my grip on stool loosens and he fell down on bed. I tool with sudden force fell on him. I put my hand on his chest while trying to get up but lost balance and again felt on him. Our faces were very close we could feel each other breath. He suddenly kissed me on lips. I was in dilemma what to do as I was horny as hell inside.
Seeing no response he hugged me n kissed on lips. I showed weak protest to his moves but he understood that I was in. so he keeps on kissing me. After 5 min I too started responding him. He then moved his hands slowly to my boobs and started pressing them. I slowly started to moan. While kissing he turned me down and came on top of me. He then inserted hand in my top n slowly proceed toward my boobs, he was enjoying my smooth skin underneath. He then cupped my boobs on bra and started pressing them; he took my nipple over bra in his fingers and pinched it. I moaned load with that. I was getting mad with his moves, months sex starvation now taking on my mind. I inserted my tongue in his mouth.
Then got up removed my top and bra. I was too shy in front of him to be topless, so I closed my eyes n moved my face to sideways. He came near to my face n started licking my face, his rough tongue was turning me on.
He licked my neck, n moved to boobs he licked it entirely and took it in mouth and started sucking it. Oh my god that was great, I was having my boobs sucked after months. I was moaning aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
He was teasing my nipple with his tongue. He kept sucking and pressing boobs alternately. He slowly shifted his attention from my boobs to stomach; he went down kissing and licking the soft flesh of mine. He inserted his tongue in my navel…….. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh I left the moan it was too good, I was enjoying a lot.
He then moved down and removed my night pant and panty in one stroke, he found my hairy pussy. (As I shaved it month back) He put his tongue on my love hole n started licking it. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumm is only thing came out of my mouth. He inserted his tongue in it. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh he was having great sex skills. He was mounding my boobs while licking pussy. I came on his face he licked it happily.
He then got up and removed his all cloths, I saw his cock OMG it was atleast 9” long and 3.5” thick. I was too horny for that. He put tip of his cock on my pussy slowly entered. I was feeling like it is going to tear my pussy. Please slowly I exclaimed. He inserted full dick and I was in pain I started shouting to take that out. He leaned on me n kissing on lips to close my mouth. He keeps pounding fast. After some time I started enjoying and keep responding his strokes from down. He was sucking my boobs while fucking me. I came twice in this.
He turned me round and started humping me from back. He was pressing my boobs from back. Suddenly he increased his pace lot and pressed my boobs so hard. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh I shouted, he came lot of hot cum in my pussy.
He kissed my back turned my around and kissed my lips and said “thank you madam”. I smiled sheepishly to him and lied down. He turned the switch and fan started running. He wore his dress and came to me last time and said I am leaving. I went with him to door, he again kissed me there n pressed my boobs n left. I locked the door. Came back to bed I slept naked as saw tired by fucking and also satisfied after long time.
Guys please tell me if you like my story. Please give me your feedback on
I had few incidents afterwards, which I shall share with you in coming stories. If I get good response.