Sunday, 1 March 2015

Father in law made me randi in front of the politicians

Hi WNS readers this is pooja again as i said how i was fucked hard by father and his friends in previous story (Fucked by my father and his friends). I had to be on a break thanks to all the sexual encounters I have had. Now that I am on a break with sex, I shall let you know about my encounters. After I ended up with my father-in-law thanks to my own mistake of accepting the offer from my father (you guys will have to read my earlier stories in order to understand the whole thing) I had to accept all the demands of my Sasurji (father-in-law) after he threatened me.
Being in good touch with the politicians, I was sure that he can easily mess my whole life, so, I had no other choice but do whatever he asked me to, and that too free of cost. In return, he did me a favor by not letting my husband know that I am such a big whore. He called me to his house in Delhi, telling my hubby that he could use my help with the household stuffs as he is alone and not in the best of his health.
I went to Delhi for a week after my hubby had requested me. He had a palatial house, and it was frequented by people from political circles. I had learnt that my father-in-law was very close to getting a seat in the parliament. The day I entered his house, he told me to prepare for a meeting of 5 men. He also forwarded me an old sari with blouse, petticoat, and lingerie that I should wear while serving the men. It was a red sari, and the petticoat and blouse were so small that they revealed more than they covered.
My entire waist was bare in it, and the blouse was so low cut and pallu so thin, that slightest bending would have revealed half of my moons. Just before the arrival of the guests, my father-in-law saw me near the guest and took a nice feel of my waist, saying, I will leave you fresh for Mantriji. I was shocked, he is gonna get me fucked by a minister. I never thought that he could stoop so low, to use his daughter-in-law to get a seat in the parliament. The ministers arrived soon, 5 men in 60’s wearing dhoti and kurta.
I was appalled to see them, and would have never wanted them to have me. Theye continuously stared at me as he entered, and one of them told my father-in-law, “You have a beautiful servant,” and my father replied, “I hired her especially for you sir.” I could not believe what was happening. Hiding my anger, I put up a smile, and said, “Namaste sahib,” greeting the entire team. The minister, held my arm tight in response. They seated in the drawing room, and I started serving tea.
I had to bend down quite a lot while filling the cups, and the ministers seated on the high sofas were getting a really beautiful view of me. I watched them stare at me breasts, and had to put up a smiling face. The old men continued to talk among themselves about work, as I served those snacks and beverages. My father-in-law ordered me to wait in the guest room for any further orders. After about 15 mins, the minister, who appeared to be the most important person in the group entered the guest room, when I was seated on the bed.
He left the door open and walked up to me saying, I didn’t know you were Sunil’s daughter-in-law, he is very determined to get the parliament seat.” He pulled off my pallu, and made me stand up, and sat on the bed. “Beti, I am an old man now, show me your moves, you would not want to disappoint your father-in-law. I slowly took off my sari and sat on the old man’s lap face to face, as he grabbed my waist, making a move to unhook my blouse. I was kissing him now, as he unhooked my blouse, and then the bra.
I kept on kissing him, and he continued to rub my back. He laid down flat on the bed, and turned me over, taking my blouse and bra off, I could feel his cock poking my crotch. I saw my father-in-law enter, and he asked, “I hope she is giving you a nice time sir. She is a great sucker. The mantri replied, “She is Ok I felt bad, when a man in his 60s called me Ok. My father-in-law walked up to me, pressed my teats, and said, yes sir, this could have been bigger. Pooja, give you best to sir.
I will leave the two of you alone.” As my father turned to leave, the minister said, “Don’t go, bring the others too, we can discuss matters as I screw her.” I was being humiliated by two old men, and I had to do it all for free. I took up the challenge of satisfying this minister. The minister was licking my neck, as I tried to take his kurta off. He suddenly slapped me and said, “You don’t get to strip me bitch.” I was lying topless on the bed, and he was sitting on me, with his knees by my side.
As the team entered, he slapped me hard again, “This is so that you don’t forget.” Then he started to knead my breasts, as the guys continued to discuss their issues. I have never had this kind of sex before, where the guy was ignoring me while he was doing me. He got off me, and holding my petticoat from the waistline, he tore it off. I never expected him to have that strength. He peeled my panties immediately and there I was totally naked in front of six fat men, including my father-in-law.
He looked at me for some time, and commented, “Sunil, she is not that bad, has maintained herself in good shape,” he turned me around patted my butts and continued, she has got nice tight butts too. He kept on pressing my thighs, and butts, and added, I could use her for my daily massage, after I test her how good she is. He got naked and oil was brought in for me to massage the minister. I knew this was my opportunity to impress this man who cannot be satisfied easily.
In a minute, the table massage table was brought in too, and the minister was lying on his back on it. Everything had been prepared for this man. I sat naked on his abdomen, and started rubbing the aromatic oil on his chest, which was surprisingly, clean shaved. As I rubbed oil on his body, I felt his dick grow up in my ass crack. But he kept on discussing things with his team, without paying any attention to me.
I decided to turn things up. I moved down on his thighs, laid down on him, and started licking him. The discussion paused for sometime; I knew he was paying attention. I started biting his skin gently now, sucking them and biting again. He tried to continue the discussions, but couldn’t focus on it. He grabbed my waist tight now and I continued to massage his chest in the same manner. I had also gotten a little wet, with his dick constantly poking me. I got down, put my hands in my pussy and with the wetness, I started massaging his cock.
The minister was mesmerized now and the discussion topic shifted from political matters to praises about me. I was successful in my mission. His cock continued to grow in my hands and I now started sucking it. The old man was now moaning in pleasure, while the rest of them watched in amazement. I started to suck it now, and I was sucking it really hard to keep the excitement going. After 20 mins of shaking and sucking, I got the 60 year old man to cum in my mouth. He started to tire out and told my father-in-law, Send her to my place tomorrow I am too tired to fuck her now. All of them burst into laughter as they moved out of the room.
After they went out.My fatherin law came inwatched from top to bottom.He took a rope and said suck his cock.I was sucking his cock and he was punishing on my ass with rope.It was very painful.Then I sucked about 15 minutes and swallowed all his cum.Now I slept on the table my father in law started sucking my pussy very hardly in 10 I have cummed. Now father in law brought the didlo slowly kept in my ass. It was paining very hard but finally total didloo was pushed into my ass.Then my father law in law inserted his big cock in pussy slowly,I was moaning aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk   aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm suddenly pushed his whole cock I moaned a lot ,it was paining soo hard in same time I was enjoying.Then my father in law increased the speed given me the very hard strokes ,again I have cummed. Then my father in law removed his cock from my pussy kept in my mouth now again bited on my ass with the rope .It was paining but similarly im enjoying.Nearly 10 bites were had on my ass total my ass became soo red.Now again kept his cock in my pussy fucked me very hard .My father in law ramming my pussy very hardly ,giving me high strokes suddenly removed the didloo from the ass.It  Pained a lot.Then after 5 minutes he cummed in my pussy.

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Big bang in the police station

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Meri boss ki biwi rita

Hi dk ki sare readers ko mera salaam mera naam anand hai, main rourkela odisha ka rehene wala hoon aur mrei umar 26 saal hai ye meri 1st story  hai, ye kahani meri aur mere boss ki biwi ki hai uski figure bahut achhi hai last year me bbsr me job kar raha tha main akela rehta tha boss ki di hui ek room par mera room aur mere boss ke ghar amne samne hi tha unki biwi ka naam rita  hai, main unko rita bhabhi bulata tha hum dono me kaafi achhi dosti ho gayi thi jab bhi boss kahi bahar jate the to mujhe rita bhabhi ka khayal rakhne ke liye bol kar jate maine bhi kabhi bhabhi ko gandi nazar se nahi dekha tha pichle october me boss ko kisi kaam se raipur jana pada to boss ne hamesha ki tarah mujhe bhabhi ka dhyaan rakhne ko kaha aur chale gaye, main  boss ko railway station par chhod kar bhabhi ke ghar aaya ye bolne ke liye ki agar unhe kuch chahiye ho to mujhe call Karen to jaisi hi main andar aaya aur dekha ki bhabhi nahi thi wo naha rahi thi.

To main bathroom ke pass jake bola ki kuch jarurat ho to mujhe phone karna tab pata nahi kyun bhabhi ne mujhe rukne ko kaha to main hall me aake tv dekhne laga aur dekhte dekhte meri aankh lag gayi aur pure dedh ghanta baad bhabhi ne aake mujhe jagaya aur aankh kholte hi meri nazar bhabhi par padi, kya lag rahi thi yaron main to dekhta hi reh gaya fir bhabhi ne puchha ki kya dekh rahe ho to maine kaha ki bhabhi aap itni khoobsurat kaise ho to unhone kaha ki line maar rahe ho mujh par, to maine kaha nahi bhabhi main to aapki tarif kar raha hoon to fir wo dono ke liye coffee bana ke layi aur hum idhar udhar ki bate karne lage aur maine unse kaha main “bhabhi aap itni khoobsurat ho kya shaadi se pehle aapki koi boy friend tha” bhabhi “haan tha” main “wow !!!!!” bhabhi “kya anand aaj tumhe kya hua meri badi tarif kar rahe ho baat kya hai aur wow kyun bole tum mera kya boyfriend nahi ho sakta”.

Main nahi bhabhi aisa kuch nahi hai main bus ye soch raha tha ki kitna kissmat wala hoga aapki boyfriend” bhabhi “wese meri boyfriend se zyada achha to tumhare boss  hai mujhe kitna pyaar karte  hai aur tum batao tumhari koi girlfriend hai ki nahi” main thoda sad mod me bola “hai bhabhi” bhabhi “hai to fir itna sad kyun lag rahe ho khush nahi rakhti kya tumhe” main “chhodo bhabhi wo to sirf phone par hi baat hota hai hamara milne se maja aata” bhabhi “hee.. hee.. hee kya maja karte milne se tum” bhabhi ki iss sawaal se me thoda sharma gaya aur wahan se aane ki koshish me lag gaya bhabhi boli kya baat hai ladka ab jawan ho gaya hai aise bol ke mujhe chidhane lagi to fir main wahan se chala aaya, agle din boss ka phone aaya unhone bataya ki unko aur 3 din lagega aane me to fir usi din subah 11 baje bhabhi ka phone aaya… bhabhi ne mujhe ghar bulaya shayaad kuch kaam tha.

To main naha dhoke bhabhi ke ghar gaya bhabhi baathroom me naha rahi thi main bathrom ke paas jake bhabhi ko bola kya bhabhi jab dekho nahati rehti h abhi fir kitna time lagaogi aap, wo boli bus 15 minute wait karo fir main hall me aake tv dekhne laga aur thodi der baad bhabhi ne mujhe bulaya main bath room ke paas gaya to unhone bathroom ka darwaja khola aur mujhe andar aane ko kaha to main thoda dar gaya aur socha ye bhabhi bol kya raho hai, maine puchha kyun to unhone unke pith par thoda saboon lagane ko kaha main to mann hi mann bahat khush tha ki main unki pith ko touch kar sakunga to fir maine thoda bahana banaya ki mera pant shirt gila ho jayega main nahi aaunga, to bhabhi boli ki towel pehen ke aajao maine wesa hi kiya fir main unke pith par saboon lagane laga is bahane maine 5-6 baar unki doodh ki side ko bhi touch kiya.

Fir maine himmat karke bhabhi se kaha ki bhabhi aap bahat sexy lag rahi ho wo pichhe palti aur mujhe ghurne lagi, main sorry bhabhi bolke wahan se chala aaya aur wese hi towel pehen ke baitha raha karib 5 minute ke baad bhabhi ek black colour ki nighty pehen ke bahar aayi aur mere pass baith gaye maine fir se unko sorry bola tab unhone jo kaha mere to hos udd gaye unhone kaha ki jab tak mere husband nahi aa jate tab tak tum meri pati ho mujhe apni patni ki tarah rakho, fir kya main sidha un par tut pada josh me aake maine unki nighty faad di wo andar kuch nahi pehni thi to mera samne puri nangi ho gayi, mera land to pehle se hi khada tha to me sidha unki chut me ghused diya wo boli kya anand ye kya kar rahe ho thoda chumma chati karte fir chodte maine kaha bhabhi pahale ek baar chodne do fir ji bhar ke chumma chati karenge unki dono tange ko me kandhe par rakha aur dana dan chodta gaya.

Kuch 7-8 minute ki chudai ke baad wo bhi madhoss ho gayee aur muhh se ahhhh ahhh ohhhh uii zoorrr see anand aur zooorr ahh ahhh ki aawaje nikal rahi thi fir kuch der baad me unke chut ke andar hi jhad gaya aur fir me wahan se sidha apni kaam par chala gaya fir shaam ko 7 baje bhabhi ka phone aaya, unhone kaha ki subhe tumhara to ho gaya par main abhi bhi jal rahin hoon plzzz jaldi aana raat ko yahin khake ek saath soyenge maine ok bhabhi jaan bolke phone rakh diya fir main raat ko 9.30 baje ghar gaya tab bhabhi sirf bra aur panty me thi maine kaha kya bhabhi tum to chudwane ke liye pura taiyaar ho bhabhi boli haan mere pyare dever aaj to me aapko sone nahi dungi ye sab sun ke aur bhabhi ko dekh ke mera land pura khada ho chuka tha to maine bhabhi se kaha ki bhabhi meri land ko chuso wo ek dam mera land pakad ke chusne lage main uski doodh daba raha tha wo madhosi me aur zor zor se mera land chusne lagi.

Kuch 15 minute ke baad main bhabhi ki muhh me jhad gaya aur fir main unko godme utha ke baad room legaya aur wahi unko sulake sidha chut ko chatne laga aur 10 minute chut chatne ke baad wo jhad gayi fir hum 69 position me aa gaye, wo mera land chus rahi thi aur main uski chut chaat raha tha is tarah 5 minute ke andar mera land fir se khada ho gaya to maine bhabhi ke jangho ke beech aake unki chut ke andar apna land ghusa diya modhosi me unki muhh se ahhhhh nikal aayi, main dhire dhire apna speed badhata gaya bhabhi ke muhh se sirf ahhh uuuiiimaaaa choda choda anand aur zor se chodo faad dalo meri fuddi ko ahh ahh aur tezz anand aur tezz ahhhh ohh yesss yeess haann haann yahin pe yahin pe chodo aur zor se aanand aur zor se chodo aaj tumhari bhabhi ki aag ko bujhado chodo mujhe yeh sab sun kar mera josh bhi badhta gaya maine apni speed aur badha di bhabhi ki chut se paani nikalne laga wo jhad gayi.

Fir maine unki tango ko niche kiya aur thoda failaka zor zor se chodne laga karib 15-17 minute ke chudai ke baad main unke andar hi jhad gaya aur 5 minute tak unke upar hi leta raha mera land bhabhi ki chut ke andar hi tha, fir 15 menute ke baad mera firse khada ho gaya ab maine bhabhi se kaha ki mujhe aapki gaand me chodna hai bhabhi meri taraf apni gaand dikha ke boli chod lo jab tak tumhare boss nahi aajate ye sirf tumhare  hai maine bhabhi se pucha ki kya boss ne kabhi aapki gaand mari hai to bhabhi boli ki wo pahale gaand marta hai fir chut to maine bhabhi ki gaand ke chhed me mera lawda ghusaya ohhh kya gaand thi yaar dana dan 20-25 minute tak maine unki gaand maari fir jab chutne wala tha to wo aage hoke apni dono tango ko upar uthaya maine firse unki chut me land ghusaya 15-20 dhakko ke saath me fir bhabhi ki chut me jhad gaya us raat maine bhabhi ko 8 baar choda us din ke baad fir 40-50 baar choda.

Fir jan 3 tarikh ko me aur bhabhi chudai kar rahe the aur achanak se mera boss aa gaya us waqt me puri tarah se bhabhi ko nahi choda tha is liye boss ke aane ke babajut main sabita bhabhi ko chodta raha aur wo bhi gaand uchhal uchhal ke mujhse chudwa rahi thi kyun ki unhone boss ko nahi dekha tha, unki muhh se sirf ahhh shh aur chodo faad do meri chut ko ahh, karib 25 minute tak mera boss ye sab dekh raha tha fir jab me jhad gaya to boss sidha aake sabita bhabhi ko ek thappad mara aur mujhe wahan se chale jane ko kaha aur aaj main apni town me hoon, to dosto kaisi lagi meri story plzz mujhe mail karen meri main id hai “” aur odisha ki koi bhi ladki bhabhi yaa aunty ko secrectly mujhse chudwana ho to mujhe contact karen apni number mujhe email karen i promise sab kuch secrect rahega love you all. Kahani padhne ke baad apne vichar niche comments me jarur likhe, taaki hum apke liye roz aur behtar kamuk kahaniyan pesh kar sake – DK

Monday, 9 February 2015

sex with colligue in the bus

I and Anjali were going for a teammate’s marriage down south. That day, none from my team member joined us, as Anjali was her best friend and her home town was nearby she said she was going for wedding, I said I will join her. Anjali was my team lead, it’s been only 3 months we knew each other, and we were very limited in our talks. She was very hot and voluptuous. We reached the bus station, and could not get the tickets, it was weird for me as it was weekday, and after lot of struggle we finally got non ac sleeper tickets. We had our dinner at nearby hotel, we spoke friendly she told about her family where is comes from, she was staying in a hostel.
Her marriage was fixed, it was in next 2 months, and he was working in US. She seemed to be very excited and the reason she was going to her home town was to get sarees for the d-day. I spoke about myself, my hobbies and other stuff. Our bus arrived, it was an old bus, they have charged more for the tickets, I didn’t know the native language so I took Anjali with me to question conductor for the same, they spoke something, and Anjali translated to me in English that there was local festival in the nearby place, hence they have increased the prices.
We boarded the bus, we were surprised to see it was a couple sleeper. I thought these were changed long time back and now the sleeper seats were separate. I asked the conductor, these are couple sleeper seats, he responded in a rash way, these are the ones they have, if you don’t like get down, we can get other people to travel. I looked at Anjali, she said, we will adjust. She had some luggage, I was trying to put them on top, it slipped and fell on me, it brushed my tool and fell down. It hit me like someone kicked on my balls, I was speechless for some time, Anjali was asking me what happened. After few min, I put the luggage on top again. The compartment was private, with curtains; we had two old aged couple below and next to us. We both got up and settled down. She put a bag between us, she was on window side.
We were lying and facing each other, I could see little of her cleavage. We spoke almost an hr, due to sleeping one side I tried to shift my position, and gave little huh sound for that, She asked me is it paining still, She asked me to do massage or it will swell. I think she didn’t know where it hurt, I told her its fine. I asked her what’s there in the bag, she said some tools which she was carrying to her home town, I got an idea and said, may be one of them had hit me that’s the reason for the pain, she felt bit bad and said sorry. I enjoyed her innocence, there was not much place, she was cramped in one corner due to the bag, she suddenly woke up and asked to put the bag aside, and I did the same. Now I took the place of bag. She didn’t mind that. She was sleeping on side facing the window held her back and said it’s aching due to hectic day. I immediately put my hand on her shoulders and started gentle massage, she said its okay, but I didn’t stop it.
The window was slightly open, I was looking out and massaging her shoulder, she asked me are you not sleepy I said no, I watched her, I noticed that she removed her duppatta. Her cleavage was clearly visible, I was enjoying it. For every steep turn I was touching her bare back as if accidentally, she didn’t mind that. After some time, I started pressure massage on her bare back, it was smooth. We could see each other in window when other vehicle passes by. I asked her how are you feeling now, she said it gave her relief, I continued doing that she laid on her back, without noticing that I put my hand on her cleavage and she hold my hand immediately, I said sorry I didn’t notice and removed my hand. She said let’s sleep its already late. I asked her to sleep, and told I will sleep later, while she slept I was watching her curves, she was a real beauty. Her little visible cleavage, her boobs, I was admiring her.
After 30 min I put my hand on her neck and started massaging, moved my hand near to cleavage, I could sense her breathing heavily, I realized she wasn’t sleeping, I moved bit lower and started rubbing her cleavage, and inserting my fingers deeper, she parted her lips and gave slight moan. I stopped it and removed my hand, she was becoming restless might be she needed man’s touch desperately, she turned towards me as in sleep, I didn’t do anything, after sometime she turned and laid back. Hmmm now I could see her dress was almost near her nipples, her brown areola was slightly visible, her boobs were huge and yellowish color. I couldn’t resist, I touched her cleavage again, and felt her boobs they were soft, Anjali was not moving, she was enjoying. I saw her hold blanket tightly when there was a light; I was hornier by watching it.
Now I moved my hand directly inside her dress and caught hold of her nipple which was already hard, I rolled my fingers on it, squeezed them. I removed my hand and put my hand on her stomach lifting her dress. My touch made her jerk, I slowly tried to run my fingers on her, I think I was making her tickle more than making her horny I stopped it, and put my palm and started gently massage her. I moved my hand up to her boobs, to touch from below. Her dress was tight so I could do it. I moved my hand and touch her pussy on top of her dress, she brought her legs more close and tight, I think she didn’t want me to touch her pussy, but I untied her pajama and put my hand inside her, she had little hair.
I was watching her all the time when ever there was little light, her face her eyelids were closed but blinking all the time, and her body texture was awesome as I lifted her dress till her stomach I could see her bare body. I put my hand inside her inner wear, with bit force, I touched her lower lips and started to rub her clit bit hard, I think it was bit painful to her, now she parted her legs. I slowly moved by middle finger in the partition looking at her face and body, she breathed heavily her boobs came high, and her hip was moving. My finger slid smoothly into the gap due to her wetness, she was enjoying it, but I wanted give her enjoyment to the maximum. I moved my finger up and down, put my three fingers on her clit and rubbed it in circular motion, I was wondering how long she can hold without opening her eyes, my actions became faster now and bit harder. She was moaning, her hands we holding the blanket tighter. I continued and continued.
She suddenly turned away from me. I could see her in the mirror, she was breathing heavily, and I knew she had her orgasm. She was in S shape. Without wasting time, I put my hand inside her pants again, now I was feeling her ass. I squeezed them, and touched her pussy, it was wet, I put my finger slowly and inserted in her pussy, her eyes were closed tightly. I slowed a bit, and gave to and fro motion; she opened her mouth for my every action. I removed my pants and became naked, as I told the compartment was private. I came close to her and kissed her neck; my dick was rock hard now. I lowered her pants and inserted my dick in her ass cheeks. I think she wasn’t prepared for this and moved bit away. I went into spooning position and tried to insert my dick in her pussy, it was very tight, so I placed my dick between her ass cheeks and fucked her.
I held her right boob and started kissing her neck passionately, I released my load, I didn’t change my position, and I just hold her and slept. At 2 pm, the bus stopped at some place. I wanted to pee badly, I wore my dress and went out, when I came back Anjali was waiting for me, she said she want to pee, I said the bus stopped on highway and there are no restrooms, but she said it was urgent, I took her out, we went back of the bus near bushes, she asked me to watch if anyone comes. She went bit further, removed her pajamas, I could see her bare ass, she was perfect goddess. I was seeing her pee, she came to me and said it’s done I was looking at her with lust. She would have cleaned her ass which was filled by my semen. We came back and settled down.
She tried to sleep, I held her by face and started kissing her face, and body and my hands were running all over her body. She couldn’t control and started kissing me back, it was wonderful. She stopped me and asked me to peek through the curtains if anyone was there, I said yeah some people are going for pee. She said okay let’s wait for some time and smiled at me, she removed her dress while being under the blanket. Those few minutes were very horrible for me, I just wanted to touch and feel her body badly, I waited for 20 long minutes, I went into her blanket, first thing I took her boobs into my hand and started pressing them, they were huge, and was not able to hold with my hands. I started licking her nipples she held my head close to her boobs tightly. I started rubbing her clit again, within 2 min she had orgasm again, she kissed me madly, and she was very horny.
I told her you pussy is very sensitive and winked at her. I went on top of her, she didn’t know what to do, and I asked her to part legs, I think it was her first time, I had to guide her. I rubbed my dick on her and slowly inserted her, she was in pain, I told her I will do it slowly, I made romance with her with slow insertions and kissing her lips, neck and boobs, I came inside her, I slept in the same position for some time. She tried to wear her dress I said later, she slept on my chest. I waited to regain my strength, I went down her and licked her pussy, the taste was different as it was filled by my cum. I made her to come on top of me 69 position, I asked to suck my dick, she was very reluctant to even hold my dick. I begged her to hold it.
I started to lick her ass and eat her pussy at the same time I was squeezing her butt cheeks with my two hands, she was high. She asked me to stop it, I said if you suck my dick I will stop doing so, she put my dick inside her mouth, it was warm, and started licking like ice cream. The scent of her ass, pussy and my tool in her mouth made me go crazy. I ate her pussy again for 20 min, she spilled all white pee on my face that made me cum my load in her mouth she drank it and licked the drippings with her tongue. We kissed each other, wore our dress and slept. Morning we went to the hotel, it was shared rooms with my frndz relatives, we couldn’t meet again. After the marriage, she said, she will travel to her home and will be back after two days. She has only two months, and said she will try to come in same bus and winked at me. I cancelled my tickets to be in heaven with her again.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Big bang in the police station

Hii this is pooja again as i said how i was fucked hard by father in law and his friends in previous story (Father in law made me randi in front of the politicians).This incident is about how i was banged in the police station. My husband never allows me to drive his new Honda Jazz fearing that I may damage it. This May, he was out of station for a conference, and I decided to take it out for a movie with friends. Since there was no parking space inside the multiplex, I decided to park it outside, as we were getting late. After the movie was over, and my friend left for her home, I was shocked to find my car missing from the scene.

I was afraid that how my husband is going to react when he finds out. The helpful shopkeepers told me that the police has taken the car, as it was a no parking zone. It was about 9pm and noticing my helplessness one of them agreed to drop me at the station too. I got in with him, and when we arrived at the station, he wanted to stay with me till I got the car back. But, I insisted that he must go back, and thanked him for his help.
When I entered the station, I was greeted by a hawaldar, who told me that the inspector is busy with the petty criminals held in the lockup. He allowed me to go in and talk to him when I said its urgent. There was an inspector, flanked my hawaldar, and he was shouting at people locked inside, who appeared to be drunk. “Excuse me, sir! I called the cop. He turned around looking at me from top to bottom. I was wearing a yellow saree, with matching blouse and petticoat.

How may I help you, madam?” asked the cop while approaching closer. I told him about my car getting picked up from the no parking zone. “Why don’t you go and wait at my desk on the other side of the wall, I will be there in a minute.” He also asked the hawaldar to arrange some coke for me. In a minute, he came and sitting on his chair, he said, “Madam, we have your car, but you will have to show me all the papers, and pay the fine, before taking it back.

I didn’t have a driving license, and hence, I turned pale. “Do you have the papers madam? Show me your driving license”, asked with a loud voice. I took some time to go through my purse, and said, “I must have forgotten it back home.” He took a deep breath, and said, “Madam, this is the second mistake you have made, at least show me the insurance and pollution certificates. I had no idea what he was talking about, and I replied, “They must be in the car,I don’t know where my husband keeps them.” He asked me for the keys and signaled the hawaldar to go and check it. “Madam, you are in big trouble already, if those papers are missing, the fine may go up to Rs.20000, if you want to avoid getting locked up inside.” I sat their quietly, when the hawaldars came back, one of them with a bottle of coke, and the other empty handed saying there are no papers inside.

I was trembling in fear, as I didn’t want my husband to find it out, and now I may end up in jail as well. The officer, tried to calm me by asking me to drink the coke. I took few sips and it tasted funny, something like alcohol, but I didn’t complain. The officer asked me now, “How can you prove me that this car belongs to you?

You don’t have any paper. I can claim that this is a stolen car.” I didn’t know much about the laws, but I told him, “You can go through the records and find out the name of the owner, he is my husband.” He said back, Can you call him for me? I told him that I can’t let him know about it, and then asked if we can settle it under the table. I kept on drinking the funny coke and I started to get light headed.
He smiled, “Give me 15,000 and I will settle it. I shouted out loud, “What? I have only 1500 with me. He was laughing out loud now. He walked behind me, How do you plan to settle it, your necklace and watch maybe 10,000 yourself 3000 still short by 500 he was holding my shoulders tight. I shouted at him standing up, “You filthy bastard, you are so cheap.” “Control your words madam; you can’t abuse a police officer.
I replied, You don’t deserve to be an officer you are worse than the criminals locked up inside. He was smiling again, Maybe I can get the remaining 500 for letting them see you get fucked. He grabbed my hand dragging me in front of the cell and now I was begging him, Please, don’t do this to me. He kept on saying that he wanted the money. Now, will you strip by yourself or do you want your clothes to be shattered into pieces?
He snatched my watch and necklace. I stood their unmoved. He walked up to me, pulling my pallu, which was locked with a pin on the blouse. I got dragged to him with the force, and the pallu was torn now, I was hiding my cleavage with my hands, begging him not to do this. He called in the hawaldars, and asked them to hold me tight, and held my blouse with both his hands, tearing it apart. I was getting raped by cops in front of drunken criminals.

He pulled the elastic strap of my black bra, snapping on my shoulder, saying, Silk good choice. Next moment he was forcefully kissing me, spitting the leftovers of his paan in my mouth. As soon as he withdrew, I spat the paan on his uniform. He got really pissed, and pulling my hair with force, he said, “You are going to pay for that too now, bitch.” He turned to the criminals, “Those who want to strip her and feel the naked body, give me 100.

There were 7 of them inside, and everyone wanted me. Five of them took out cash while the other 2 were giving their watches. The officer grabbing me by my waist, pushed me to the bars of the lock up, held me tight there. I felt the hands all around me, pulling my petticoat, and bra hard, and once they were torn, they followed it with my panties. I was totally naked, and getting my butts and tits squeezed, I felt fingers in my pussy and ass, as I tried to get out of his hold.

But it was made even more difficult, as I was now held by the criminals too, tight against the bars. The officer, with his paan stained mouth, sucked my tits very hard, and I was shouting for mercy. He took bites of my nipples too, taking care not to bruise them. I was beginning to get aroused. Now, I was turned, to face the criminals, so that they can also suck my tits. Another was fingering me at the same time and
I suddenly felt a hard cock making its way between my butt cheeks. I screamed, “Please don’t push it dry.” The cop knew that I was ready, and as he pulled me back, I went down on my knees, and was licking his cock. I sucked him for 10 minutes, making his penis drip with pre-cum, as he played with my nipples. I saw everyone around rubbing their own dicks. I now wanted all of them to cum on me. The officer now withdrew, Bend over whore, its time.

I got up on my legs, and placed my palms on the floor, as he parted my butt and penetrated my pussy. I moaned, trying to stay on my feet, as he fucked me with increasing pace and force. He was thrusting so hard that I kept moving forward, and he was literally riding me. He shot his load in my pussy, made me lie down on the floor. Putting his fingers inside, he made me lick his cum from my pussy. I continued to rub my clitoris in front of everyone, and sucked his fingers clean.

Putting his cock back inside his undies, he went to my purse, and took out the 1500 rupees I was carrying, and said, “You are a great whore, all dues are settled. You may take your car.” But all my clothes were torn into pieces. I was lying naked and helpless in the police station in front of the officer, hawaldars, and the 7 criminals, when one of the criminals suggested
We can give you a piece of our clothes, but you will have to come in and take it from us.The other guys inside agreed in unison, and the officer was waiting for my response, saying, “That’s not a bad idea bitch. Had you taken it on your own, you would have had your clothes intact. Now this is your only chance shall I put you in? I was unable to think of any other plan, and I nodded in agreement. The officer laughed, and ordered the hawaldars to put me in, and taking a chair, seated himself for the show.
The hawaldars grabbed me by my waist, pressing my tits hard, and threw me among the 7 monsters waiting to eat me up. I was naked on the floor, ready to do whatever they want, begging them, “Please, don’t hurt me, be gentle, I can’t take more fucking I will do whatever you want me to.” I knew they could have instilled bruises all over my body. One of them laughed in that case, you will have to do a lot more for clothes.
Come here whore, and take my underwear. I was getting up to approach him, when another guy interrupted, “Stay on your knees.” I started crawling up to the person offering his underwear when another man came, and pissed on my track and telling me, This is the cost you have to pay for keeping us gentle with you. I was being treated worse than an animal but I had to do it to go back to my home in some clothes.
I was crawling on my hands and knees, when I was pushed from behind and my entire body was wet in the piss. He forced my head on the floor, and I ended up licking it as per their demands. Another criminal came, and urinated on my back. I was totally covered in urine, and to my own surprise, I liked being drenched like that. I loved the smell around me.

Finally I reached the guy for the undies. He was masturbating inside all this while. When I pulled his pants and boxers, it was soaked in his semen, and so was his penis. He stepped out of it, handing me the boxer, and asked me to suck his cock clean. I circled his dick with my thumb and fingers, and started to lick it, then pushing in my mouth sucking it. He was holding my head tight, not letting it go, and started urinating inside my mouth, forcing me to drink it all.

I was coughing when he released his hold, and everyone was laughing out loud. He told me, “You have earned your panties, but this is just the beginning darling.” I was disgusted with the treatment that was meted out to me, but at one corner I was enjoying it too, and I had to do it to get few pieces of clothes. Suddenly, the guy right at the opposite end called at me, “Hey whore, come for my vest on your knees till u reach me
He was waiting for me with his pants open, and cock pointing at me. A prisoner pounced on my back, pushing me further on the floor, and started squeezing my tits gently, massaging them, and telling me, “Keep moving whore.” I felt his cock naked pressing on my back, and was finding it hard to move ahead, yet moving slowly.Others joined in on the way, exploring my pussy and ass with their fingers till I finally reached the guy offering the vest. I was released, and I climbed up on his body.
He urinated as I climbed up, wetting me all the way down to my belly, and I finally got his vest out. With his armpit still raised, he said, “Now reward me by cleaning my armpits honey.” It was hairy, and filthy, but I had to lick it, suck it, eating all the dirt out of it. In the mean time, he kept on spanking and squeezing my butts. After I was done with the armpits, he pointed out to the opposite end, where a shirt was kept on the floor. I felt like a bitch fetching the ball.

I start moving towards it, when one of them blindfolded me, turned me around for sometime, and told me, “Suck everything you find, bitch.” I am pushed down on my knees again, and one by one the guys bring their dicks in front of my mouth, guiding me to the next one towards the shirt. I suck all of them hard, taking the cum load on my face, in my hair and all over my body. After more than 15 blow jobs, I finally reach the shirt.
I totally smelled of cum all over, but there was another foul smell in the air, something like shit. My blindfold was taken off, when I saw that there is shit all around the floor. The prisoners were laughing out loud, and asking me to travel all through them to get the pant. They pushed me down on the floor, and ordered me to crawl through the shit. “I am not doing this, c’mon, I don’t need the pants. I said.

A prisoner got angry, walked up to me, and slapped me hard, pinched my butt tight enough to give me a bruise. I was screaming in pain, and he asks me, “Do you want us to hurt you?” I started crawling forward, getting my body soiled in shit. The criminals turned me around on my way, leaving no part of my body unsoiled. As I reached the pants, I felt like a horny pig. The police officer, now intervened, opening the door,
Come out you bitch, you are a fucking great whore.” He made me sit on the floor, calling the hawaldars, he said, “Lets clean the shit off her body.” And in a moment, golden shower started pouring all around me, drenching me in the urine again. I mopped myself with the vest and the pants, wore the shirt and cum soaked boxer, quietly picking up the keys and drove home. What a night that was, when I got fucked by a cop, ended up paying him for it, and then the dirty treatment inside the lock up. I will never forget the night.

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