Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Seducing my innocent radha bhabhi

Hi WNS readers this is Ram and this story is about how I went into a sexual relationship with my mother like innocent Bhabhi, Radha. We are two brothers Murli and I and I was younger and around 18 years old my brother Murli was married to Radha Bhabhi. She was hot and sexy female from Pune. She was homely but no one would stop staring at her beautiful body. She had huge busty boobs and lean waist and bulgy round ass. She was tall enough and also had long black hair. She was very down to earth and innocent and her face was so cute and also sexy.She was so beautiful when she smiled. My brother and Radha Bhabhi were living in Mumbai and me and my parents in Nasik as my brother was a stock broker.We used to meet once or twice every month and I used to consider Radha Bhabhi as my mom. She was also very emotional with me and called Ram Beta. I never in my life thought that I would see my Radha Bhabhi in sexual manner until one day. The day came when I was 18 years old and had to join college in Mumbai and I moved to my brother’s apartment in Mumbai.By that time Radha Bhabhi was around 26 years old but still called me beta. So it happened that some of my friends dropped me in Mumbai in their car. So I got down at the apartment gate and my friends were about to leave and they told mesomething which ignited the fire inside me. My friends told me that since now I am going to live with my Brother and Bhabhi.They asked me to fuck my bhabhi whenever my brother was away. I was shocked at what they said because I never thought of her like that and moreover she was like a mother to me. So I told them what crap you guys are talking. They told me that they know about Radha Bhabhi as they have seen her some time or the other and she is the hottest looking female on can ever get, so they asked me to take a chance sometime and fuck her.I scolded them as they were talking very badly about my Radha Bhabhi like how huge her boobs were and how her saree sticks to her huge ass and other crap.

So after that they left and I directly went to my brothers flat it was around noon and Radha Bhabhi opened the door and welcomedme inside. My friend’s words took a spell on me and right from that moment I was checking her out. She was smiling and said,Hello Ram Beta how are you saying that she hugged me tightly. I was so uncontrollable at thatmoment coz I was seeing her as a hot lady more than my Bhabhi. Now she is hugging me. I was carried away by the spell and I too hugged her
tightly and her warm huge boobs pressed inside my chest softly and I laid my hands over her ass
unknowingly.She did not mind and I was so close in smooching her in passion but suddenly recollected themother sentiment and stopped but Radha Bhabhi was so innocent she was still hugging and looking in my eyes and said how was your journey I said it was fine then she asked me where were myfriends I said they left. She said I should have invited them inside for juice.I thought in mind that they would only prefer her and nothing else if they come inside her house then I said its ok don’t worry they got some other work to do then I met my brother at night that came back from office and masturbated thrice before I went to sleep. But still my mind was somewhere in between a hot and sexy figured female and a mother like bhabhi but not for long as everyday my brother left early in the morning and came back at night.I had huge time gap to enjoy her beauty visually and like while she came out of the bathroom in  towel I used to peep and try to have a good look at her wet hair neck and tightly packed boobs inside the towel and her thighs and legs which were in solid shape. I used to touch her here and there during the daily house chores, pretending as if I’m helping her and sometimes.I used to adjust her hair while she was cooking as she can’t touch her hair while cooking as her hands were oily kind stuff. I used to draw her hair from her cheeks till her neck. I used to watch her cooking over her shoulder watching her sweaty cleavage. Sometimes I used to rest my hands on her shoulders and smelled her neck. It was such a wonderful feeling and slowly my mind moved away from mother sentiment to a sexy hot female.She never minded while I moved around her and we also watched TV while holding hands together which itself gave me full erection multiple times. I was feeling jealous on my brother and tried to listens their bedroom sounds at night but I
realized that my brother used fuck her only on Sundays when he got time and other days Radha
Bhabhi’s sexiness and beauty was wasted except for me to perceive it.She was so innocent that sometimes she came to my bed to wake me up directly from the bathroom in tightly wrapped wet towel. Many times, I was just short about to pull her into my bed to fuck her with my strong morning erection, but I could not dare to do it. I wanted a very strong emotion and reason behind doing it, because the attraction was only from one side.She never thought about me in that manner.
Moreover she used call me Ram beta and all and so how to proceed? I was the only question. My
brother did not even have the slightest idea of what was running in my mind as I was waiting for
a chance, I got in touch with my friends in Nasik they asked me about Radha bhabhi and how I was
enjoying her and I told nothing to them, but inside my mind I wondered how true they were about
my Radha Bhabhi.So it was my birthday in 2 weeks so they told me that they would send me a present. So I gave them my full address. That was it. Those motherfuckers went online and ordered Playboy magazines with my name giving our Mumbai address. This indirectly helped me out. Radha Bhabhi checked the mails everyday and found out the Playboy magazines and directly reported the matter to my Brother.My brother Murli was furious and scolded me very badly that day even my Bhabhi was little angry on me. She told me that am not good stuff to read.She was innocent even while scolding then I called my friends and scolded them good but it was already late, because they told me that they already ordered some other Porn DVD’s which will be delivered on my Birthday and cannot be stopped.I was totally fucked again my bhabhi found out the DVD’s and reported it to my brother. This time my Bro kicked the shit out of me on my Birthday. He slapped me and also punched me for my friends prank on me. I did not have chance to explain since it had my name and address.

I was 18 years old and not a full man enough and stilldependent. I was crying like a child that morning and my brother left to office and I was in my room.

My parents called me but I did not want to talk to them so Radha bhabhi spoke but didn’t tell the
issues I did. She found out that it was my birthday then she came into my room. I was calm and
silent. She was so hot in that red silk saree that day and even sexier as she was little angry. She sat
beside me and wished me Happy Birthday. I said thank you then she asked why I need all those
nasty stuff like playboy magazines and Porn DVD’s.I wanted to tell her that it was not my mistake but my friends played a prank on me but I lied and I told her that since I was growing to be adult, I felt to see naked female body and also to sound myself correct I told her it’s the part of nature then
she told me that it’s bad and since I got beatings will I stop doing this. I told her No and she was
shocked, she said Ram beta that’s wrong, your brother slapped you because this is wrong and
may lead to other bad habits in future. You should not get into this kind stuff and I did not accept. I told her no one can stop me and since bro hit me, I will surely do all kind bad activities from now. She was pleading me not to get angry in very innocent manner. I was not convinced by her. Then she asked me something.She asked me what do I want to stop getting angry and not get into such activities.

I told her that it’s very simple, that I wanted to see women naked and that’s why I wanted the porn
DVD’s back. She was thinking for a while then she made an offer very innocently and out of pure love which a mother has on her child. She told me that she will not give me the DVD’s but will make my wish come true since it is my Birthday as you all guessed, even I guessed it right.She said she will go nude in front of me for me to watch and give up the DVD’s and what a wonderful offer that was those fucking DVD’s didn’t mean shit to me. I was getting a live shoe with my sexy Radha Bhabhi whom I fantasized and masturbated since three months. I accepted her offer in awe and she stood up and locked the door. She was very emotional and also shy and also innocent. She was blinking more frequently than normal.She set her eyes on me and he walked near my bed and first she let loose her long hair then she dropped her pallu. She then removed her blouse and un wrapped her silk red saree which was on the floor now just beside her blouse. She was standing just in bra and panty in front of me. She looked away from me and asked whether it was enough. I was shivering and so was she.
I said No and I said I wanted to see full nakedness then she smiled and tried to unhook her bra but
she was not able to reach it then she asked me to help her as I approached close to Radha bhabhi
standing in bra which was holding her busty boobs trying to jump out and her tight panty forming a camel toe at her pussy junction, sweet smell of her skin made my dick raise to unexpected size.

I was having full on hard erection I went to her and slowly wiped the hair to aside to her back and
her unhooked her bra and dropped it on to the floor. Now Radha Bhabhi was holding her huge
boobs in her hands and didn’t try to drop her panties, indirectly asking me to pull them down. I
was standing to her back so I slowly pulled her panties down revealing her solid round ass cheeks. Then I tried to grab her ass with my hands, but she pushed me onto my bed and moved little far,still holding her boobs in her hands. She said Ram beta, don’t touch me. It’s wrong I am like your
mother. I am showing my naked body to you only to stop you from getting spoiled by other
diversions as a Bhabhi that’s my responsibility to keep my child, Dewar safe from all bad habits and
so look at me.I am still young and also look better than all those dirty pictures you want to see saying that she removed her hands from her boobs and it was a scene to watch. Her huge busty boobs were
hanging like ripe mangoes with pointed long and erect nipple. She had lean waist and huge hips.
She had little hair on her pink soft pussy. Her thighs were in good shape like a model and not
like regular house wife aunties and bhabhi’s who have fatty lumps on their legs.She was a super star material and her whole body was lean except at her huge boobs and wide pear shaped hips. I was sad once I heard that but animal inside me was forcing me to grab her and fuck her and my erection was getting bad. Her slow movements and mannerisms and shyness as she stood naked in front of me made me go crazy like hell. Now I understood that, this will not happen again.I understood that I will not ever in my life get this opportunity. So I pretended as if my erection was hurting me. It actually did but I exaggerated it in front of Radha Bhabhi. I started shouting loudly and told her that my penis is paining like hell. She asked me why. I told her because I got an erection like never before as I saw her naked. She came running to me nude and her boobs were swinging in air up and down and also towards sides.I loved it and I was in my shorts and did not have any underwear as I just woke up that morning then she saw my erection from outside my shorts and was shocked. My dick was 7 inches and was really thick. Also I had athletes body with six packs unlike my brother Murli who had huge tummy and was fat. She said to me not to think about her sexually to stop the erection.I told her that’s not possible because she had the best bodies I have ever seen in my life. She said it’s wrong for me to think about her and I told her to forget about it and try to help me out. A Bhabhi or mother can anything to help their children just like she stripped for me and these words worked on my innocent bhabhi. She asked me to go into the restroom and pour some water over it.I said I can’t move and also cannot able to touch it. She asked me what to do Ram beta and she had some tears in her eyes too then I asked her to pull my shorts down and massage my dick. She said that she will do anything to relieve my pain then she pulled my shorts down, to find my huge 7 inch long and thick dick and her eyes filled with surprise. It was as if she is something she has never seen in her life.She held my dick in her hands as I was lying on my bed and she was kneeling on the bed nude. She started rubbing the dick slowly and was really enjoying it. She asked whether I felt better and I said I was little bit better then she said beta, I never knew that men also had such huge dicks. I heard of it from my friends but this is a surprise for me and actually as a Bhabhi.I should not do this or talk like this but trust me
your dick looks really great. I asked her how about Murli dick. She said my bro just had a 5 inch dick
then she asked me whether the pain was gone. I said pain will not be gone until it gets wet like
water or any other thing. She said she will go and get some water. I told her not to leave me as pain may increase if she stops rubbing then she asked me what to do and I told her to use her saliva to
wet my dick. She said ok and spitted on her palm and applied it like a lube and kept on rubbing. What I wanted was her to take my huge dick in her mouth but she did not understand. Now I told her that.
Spitting saliva is not sufficient and my dick needs to be submerged into the saliva. She asked how it
is possible. I asked to take my dick in her mouth. She was surprised as if it was first time.
She said it’s nasty and I told her that’s the only solution then she accepted to do it. She kept on
sucking my dick by dripping saliva into it. I was really feeling so nice and I was in heaven and I
asked whether she did this to my bro Murli. She said no and I thought what a dick head Murli was
and then as she was busy sucking my dick and I slowly rubbed her back and her ass and her
boobs and nipples. She said beta what are you doing then I told her Radha Bhabhi you are like my mother, can’t a son touch and feel her mother and if you give birth to a son in few years don’t you allow him to play with and don’t you allow him to suck your breasts? This is what I asked her and then she yes I was right then kept on sucking. I was waiting for some reaction but I didn’t come then immediately after 2 minutes.She asked, Ram beta do you want to suck my breasts? I was laughing and jumping inside my mind. I said yes then I laid her down on bed and went on top of her. She was blowing my dick with her hands and I was sucking on her breasts like an animal. Her boobs were soft and huge with long erect nipples. I was chewing them and squeezing her breasts like anything.
She was moaning loudly as I did that and she said to me in ears that she was feeling as if she is with
Murli. She closed her eyes tightly as I sucked her beautiful breasts. I whispered in her ears saying,
there is no difference if it is Murli or myself as we both are brothers and same blood. So I don’t
make a difference I also told her since brother is busy I will satisfy her whenever she wants. I was
also fingering her cunt vigorously.She was in ecstasy and whispered in my ears saying, so will you give me satisfaction, really then I have no problem enjoy my beauty enjoy each and every bit me. Do anything you want but give me satisfaction. She was in trance now. Then after sucking her boobs I moved down and licked her pussy out. I kept on licking her pussy and clit as I know Bhabies doesn’t want fucking but good licking.I explored deepest parts of her pussy with my tongue and trust me it tasted so good. Radha bhabhi was completely in trance and in extreme satisfaction. She was enjoying the whole session of licking. She moaned and moaned for long and kept on moving away but I stocked my tongue onto her clit and kept on licking and then she squirted a whole lot of orgasm onto my face with a deep breath. She slightly came back to her senses.She started saying while breathing deep, Beta no don’t do this, I think this is wrong let me go. I was not a fool to let go her and my dick veins were gusting with strongest erection I ever had. She started pushing me away, but then I pulled her legs wide and inserted my cock deep inside her in a single stroke. She moaned and took a deep
breath then I wanted to tease her so I asked her whether. I should stop and then she held my neck in her arms and pushed me towards her. So I started fucking my bhabhi. My huge dick was digging deep
inside her. She was moaning the shoe time I fucked her. She was enjoying it so much. I kept on
fucking while smooching her sucking her boobs,squeezing them and all. I fucked my bhabhi In
different positions. She went on top of me then I fucked her in doggy style.I made her sit on my lap so that I can suck her nipples out and chew them after 15-20 minutes I was about to cum then I asked her whether to cum inside her and she asked me not to then I asked shall I do it on the bed and spoil. She said no. Then I gave her only option. I caught her hair like I treat bitches and asked her to suck my cock for grand finale. She licked off the sticky layers on my cock clean.I exploded a whole lot of cum on her face and inside her mouth then I cleaned my cum on her face with my pointing finger and inserted then in her mouth. She licked and sucked the cum and my finger good it was a good fuck and then she dressed up as if he knew nothing and left the room and I had the best sleep that afternoon and from that day my life took a good turn.It was so fun to have a sex partner inside the family. I started to jump into her bed once my brother left for morning sex, then strip Radha bhabhi’s clothes off one by one while she was cooking and fuck her in the kitchen. We started roaming nude in our house and our illicit relation ended daily exactly before 30 minutes of my brother’s arrival with a good fuck and the next day again started with morning sex.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Trending experience with my hot sir

Hi friends this is Swathi here. I’m 23 now. First let me tell my assets before telling my experience. I have a perfect sized boobs with light brown nipples, I’m white in complexion, I shave my pussy regularly, I have sexy ass, I’m 5.6 feet tall. My figure is 34-28-32. Really have a curvy structure and almost look like Simran 3 years back, in my school days every girl used to curse me as I was the sexiest looking babe in the school.

Every boy used to stare at me when my boobs started to develop. Lots of guys proposed me but I was not interested in them. Even male teachers used to stare at my ass. I was in my final year of the school. Few days after diwali we were asked to wear the diwali dress to the school. I wore a blue jean and a black top that day to the school. I was very uncomfortable that day because everyone was looking at me. About 13 of the students proposed me at that sight.

My English teacher was a male. He was my class teacher. He was a good looking man, very gentle to the girls, he was about 5.11 feet tall, average body and i not exceeding the age of the thirty. He saw me that day just gave a smile and went. Later in the class he questioned me regarding the subjects but I was able to answer. He told me that I should wait after the school overs and answer for the question. I said okay to him and said sorry for not answering.

The school ended as usual and everyone was leaving. I had a crush on my sir but i was afraid to talk to him as he maintained a distance from the girls. I forgot to stay and started from the class with my friends. He came right at time and asked me stop. He asked “Where are you going, without answering me?” I said I forgot to stay. He told me to go inside the classroom. I started to read the answer he was looking me all the time

I felt a little uncomfortable and asked why are you looking at me like that sir? He said you look so beautiful today, I was a bit stunned by his answer but said thank you. I sweeper came to sweep the room, she swept and left. She was the left to leave the school leaving me, Sir and the watchman in the school. I was ready to say the answer and he heard it too. It was pretty late for me. I quickly turned up and went from the room. He followed me.

At the gate, he stopped me and I offered me a ride on his bike to home. I hesitated because if anyone sees means they will think badly of me. If my parents see means they will kill me. So i said no to him. He said come on I’m your teacher there is no wrong in this. After thinking for a few seconds I agreed with him. It was the first time I was going with a man other than my father. I wantedly applied the disc brakes and made my boobs collide on his back, he rode at high speed

I was totally out of control and needed to keep my hands on his shoulders, I said him to slow down but he didn’t. We reached our home, but to my surprise there was none in my home. I called him in. I was planning something naughty. I called my mom to ask where she was. She was in my grandmother’s place and said she will only return at 11 pm and dad was also with her. I made my sir to sit on the sofa.

Oh! I totally forgot to tell his name. His name is Gokul. I gave him some coke. He asked where my parents are. I told they are out and will return late. I saw his face brightened. He asked how old I was and replied 16(at that time) I asked him are you married he said no? He boldly asked him do you have any girlfriend, he replied he had one. I asked what you mean by had. He said they broke up. He asked the same to me, I said I have no boyfriend. He told me to say the truth.

He said you must be having a boyfriend you are so beautiful and how can be without a bf. I laughed and said no sir no. I sat near him. He was able to see my cleavage as I was bending down and laughing. I said yours is really cute. I asked what you mean by yours. I hesitated and I came to know he was telling my boobs. I wanted him to tell that. I asked what sir don’t hesitate tell. He said your dress is cute. I expressed oh! I said i’ll bring something to eat to and cat walked in front of him.

He was aroused by my walk. When I returned he was already looking seriously. I had changed my tops and was wearing a low cut top. This time it was easier for him to peek at my boobs. I became bold and asked him have you ever fucked your girlfriend. He replied no I’m still a virgin. He suddenly kissed me at my lips I responded to him as it was a dream for me to get him. I kissed me about 5 minutes and I told that I’m yours today. He asked me are you a virgin I replied well I’m. He was so happy to here this.

He carried me to my bedroom and threw at my bed. He lay next to me and kissed me again. He was pressing my hips and caressing my back I held his hair in pleasure. He touched my boobs something went in me I was blocked out by his touch. He pressed my boobs slowly and said wow, these are really soft babe. I suddenly got up and ran from my room. He followed me, I was in my parents room searching for the condoms. I found one. He pulled me and removed my tops and bra.

He sucked my nipples I was totally out of control and started to moan ahhhhhh mm. He kissed my neck, then kissed my navel it was absolutely a great pleasure for me. He took his dress off and held out his 8? long cock out. I had seen some porn but it was something knew to me to see a real dick. I knew perfectly what to do. I held to cock in my hand and sucked it. I played with his balls and was sucking his dick like a lolly pop. I said your cock his so thick it’s not the like one I’ve seen in porn movies.

I sucked his cock for 15 minutes and him cummed in my mouth I went drank all his cum. He then came to take me heaven he removed my jean, laid me on the bed on smelled my panty it was already wet and giving some smell. He licked my pussy with the panty it was really Awesome I shouted in pleasure. He removed my pussy and placed his tongue on my pussy

Mmmmm, I can’t explain the pleasure mmmmmmm I moaned he fingered my pussy it was not paining for me as I was already in a habit of mastrubating. I shouted I was cumming he drank my cum. He asked me are you ready dear. I said first put the condom he tried to convince for a fuck without but i didn’t agree. So he wore the condom. He spread my legs and placed his cock on my pussy end. He pushed it slowly I shouted now in pain as it was so thick and my pussy was tight. He tried

to push I shouted no. He didn’t care, he pushed I cried in pain. It was really paining a lot. I scolded him in bad words like bastard he didn’t care at all. Few seconds later it was alright and his dick was moving in out in my pussy. Slowly pain went and pleasure came and shouted come on bastard faster mmmmm I moaned all the time. He was absolutely giving the heaven it was the first fuck and it was really greaaaat.

I moaned and moaned. The fuck session went on for half an hour. He removed his dick on mastrubated on my boobs. He fucked my boobs as my boobs were big enough for a fuck he fucked my boobs. He cum while fucking my boobs. He then pleaded for anal. I resisted. I didn’t agree for his request. He then told he will only lick my ass and won’t fuck. I agreed to his request and let him lick my ass.

He kissed my buttocks first and then slowly went to my ass crack and licked it. He was licking it like an ice cream. I felt like peeing. I excused myself and went to the toilet. He came inside with me and watched me inside. I washed my ass cleanly with soap. He appreciated me. He didn’t leave me to dress up. He pulled on to the bed and licked my ass again, this time he fingering my ass it was extremely good and I closed my eyes in pleasure.

I slept for 2 minutes and when I regained he was fucking my ass it was paining a lot. He didn’t leave me and told few minuted you will know the pleasure. He was true I was in total pleasure. He was not wearing a condom I asked what if I became a pregnant he said only while fucking pussy you can get a baby not in anal. I closed my eyes and was enjoying my anal fuck.

He cum inside my ass I was really afraid and immediately ate the tablet which my mom had. He kissed me. I pleaded him not to tell this to anyone. He said how will I tell and make my angel cry. He said will you let me fuck you tomorrow. I agreed and asked to come to his place tomorrow.

Monday, 1 December 2014

my father in law booked me as a call girl unkwoingly

Dear readers, I am about to relate this recent incident when I was made a whore to my father. In Previous story  Rohan (trap of brother in law) after using me on two occasions to earn money, was always on the look for more such opportunities. Earlier, I did it under compulsion, as he had clips of me in compromising position. But, after I started enjoying the thrills of these experiences, I had no objection to his further requests. I am staying alone with my husband who happens to be a very busy surgeon – away from both our parents.

My father was visiting us on this occasion. He was in army till 3 years ago when he decided to retire, and has maintained himself really nice, and carries a sexy french cut on his face. Even though he has recently crossed 60, he looks much like a 45 year old hunk. I received this call from Rohan on an afternoon asking me, I am free to provide my service for a client on the same evening. When I told him I am free, he replied, “Bhabhi, but this may seem awkward to you as this customer happens to be your father.

I found him looking for a whore in the red light area.” I was speechless for a while, recalling all my little fantasies that I had with my dad. I had a major infatuation for him. I could have agreed immediately, but I tried to curb my excitement, and asked but, does he know that he will be fucking me?” He told me that he has managed to convince my father that the girl will stay in a mask, just to make the act kinkier.

I was surprised at his wit, and said I will do it, but what what about my share Rohan? He offered me ten thousand for that. I had no clue how much he was getting. I agreed, and he planned to pick me up in the evening and take me to the hotel where he was staying. He also advised me to put a lot of makeup on my face. I got ready in my favorite blue sari, sleeveless low cut blouse which was hugging my breasts real tight, showing a good chunk of the top half.

But this day, I decided not to wear my bra and panties. I was escorted to a 5-star hotel and to the room that my father was staying in (Room No. 808). He handed me the mask, and it covered my forehead and eyes. Using a black marker, he added a mole to my chin, just to avoid any identification. He knocked at the door, and after the greetings he left me with my father for the night. He was wearing just a towel.

He put his arms around my waist, finding his way to my bare hips, gently pressing it, and said, “You are in good shape lady, the mask really makes it kinkier. Let’s have a drink. I was wondering that this is the same person who has always taught me discipline and stuff, and is now offering me alcohol.

His chest was probably waxed, and it was just looking yum. He got me the drinks and sat on the couch, took a sip, and invited me to sit on his lap. It was already bulging, and as I was about to sit, he took off his towels, and there I was on his thighs, with his cock poking me from behind. He grabbed me tight, and felt my breasts over my clothes.

I removed my pallu, and he was kissing me at the back of the neck, as he continued to press my tits, kneading them, beginning to get me wet. He pulled the laces behind the blouse, and there it was ready to drop down. I was getting mesmerized by his activity, and I was trying to stay as quiet as possible, biting my lips. He had now put his hands inside the blouse, and was milking my tits directly with his rough hands.

His hard hands were making my nipples harder and I was unable to stop myself from moaning. I got up, with the blouse still hanging loose on my breasts pouring my entire drink down his throat and moving on to prepare another one for him. I had to get him really high on alcohol so that I can continue the act without revealing my identity. As I moved to the minibar pouring another drink for my father, he moved up to me, pulling off my blouse

And there I was topless in front of my father, with an erect tits, ready to be devoured. He kissed my back and shoulders, and turned me around, starting to suck my tits. His movements were amazing, and I started pouring whiskey on my tits, as he continued to suck harder. He warmed up the other breast, as he continued to feed on the first. Then, he brought his mouth between my breasts and pressed them from the sides, as I poured more alcohol in my cleavage.

He was beginning to get high now. By the time he was done with my breasts, he was down 2 bottles of whiskey, and now I was free to scream without getting caught. He held my shoulders tight, and kissed me real tight, and I could get the flavor of alcohol in his tongue too. It was yum! I played with his 8 inch hairy tool as he was finding his way behind me inside my petticoat, looking to squeeze my butts. I undid the knot of the petticoat

And now he grabbed my butts really tight as the petticoat was held between out bodies tightly hugging each others. “Wow, you really have a smooth tight butt bitch! He said. I replied, It’s all yours, honey as he stepped back, the petticoat fell down, and I was stark naked in front of daddy with a clean shaved pussy.

He commented, “Wow, you are the perfect babe, totally worth 30 grands.”

I never knew my father would spend so much to fuck a whore he could have gotten for free. He held me by my hips, and laid me down on the king-sized bed, placing his mouth between my thighs, and starting to lick the inner surfaces of my thighs. I was already leaking, and had no idea what will happen once he touches my pussy. The moment did arrive and he was putting his finger in and out rapidly starting with one finger, then two, and finally three.

I was moaning out loud, and he was shouting equally loud as he continued to stimulate me. He then placed his tongue inside and was literally feasting on my wetness. I continued to throw my arms on the bed, asking for more. After he was done, he turned around, lying flat on the bed. I knew it was my turn, and as I prepared for the blowjob, he stopped my saying, “Baby, I am full of cum now, thanks to your beauty. Use your hands first.”

I sat my side, as holding his erect tool in my palm, stroking it gently. He continued to rub his hands on my bare back. I was bending over the tool as I stroked it, and there it was shooting its load, over my face, and back in the hairy jungle. I licked my face clean, and then started cleaning up the pubic hair with my tongue. He then asked me to shave his cock, before I put it in my mouth. He took me to shower, where I shaved his cock.

It was looking even bigger now, the biggest I had ever seen. I started the blowjob in the shower, and loved it, as drops of water trickled all around our body. I had never licked a freshly shaved cock, and I continued to suck his balls and dick, pushing it deep down inside. He had shot another load in my mouth now. We mopped ourselves clean with the same towel, and headed for the bed. I knew

I was ready to be fucked by my own father. He slowly inserted his long dick in my pussy in doggy style,i started moaning slowly.My father was fuking me now.he started stroking hardly i was moaning lyk anything aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk.He screwed me in the bed like a horse in various positions with unending energy. He came inside me after 20 mins, and then we lay on the bed naked with his cock still inside me, playing with each others’ body, kissing. With the mask still on, I got back into my sari, and called up Rohan, who escorted me from the room to my house. I had never imagined, that I would have my best sex with my father.

Friday, 21 November 2014

sex with aunty when all were slept

Hi WNS fans. I have been reading WNS for almost 9 months. I have become a great fan of this site. I am Hyderabad. Raised and bought up in Hyderabad only. I don’t want to waste any time more. The story is all about how I and my aunt (father’s sister) enjoyed whole night while all other family members are sleeping around us. My aunt is a sexy bomb stats are 34 28 32. With round boobs sexy waist and ass. Coming to myself I’m Kamal completed my graduation and am a cool guy always wanted to mingle up with everyone and make everyone comfortable around me.

So it was a festival, so all family members are got together in our house. My house is a 3BHK. So it was so good having all family members at one place. And day started with playing games. And my aunties and my mother are got busy with their household work. And my dad and uncles were got busy getting wine and beers for them. So afternoon was also gone so cool that all are having good time. I’m having 4 cousins and we are playing some games. So finally night has come. All are tired because of the work and due to playing. So everybody had dinner and setting up to sleep. This is the turning point in this story. As I told that we are having 3BHK. 1 room was occupied by uncles because they want to drink. Other one was occupied by grandmother and 3 small girl children’s. Another one was only for my father he likes to sleep privately.

So, in hall I and my cousin were already arranged our bed and we started watching TV. Suddenly my aunties (there were 3) came with bed sheets to hall to sleep. So my angel aunt set up her bed beside me. My mom also agrees because there is no other option. So initially I was not thought of doing something naughty but as time passed it was around 12 suddenly I was awake. So I saw there all are sleeping. Beside me my aunt was facing me. She was looking very hot in bed light. And she was in her sari that too light pink color so I was getting aroused by seeing her. So I thought that I will do something tonight that my aunt should become mine for the whole night.

So I was bit scared because this is my first time doing with my lovely aunt. So I stretched my hand from my blanket towards auntie’s boobs and I placed my hands near her boobs so that if she moves a little my hands will get touched with her boobs. So to my luck she turned towards ground side and my hand was between ground and her boobs. Wow what a feeling it was. Her boobs are soooooo soft pressing on my hand. I was moving little my hand. It was awesome. And suddenly my aunt turned away and now her ass is facing me. I was really got aroused me and my dick already got raised in my shorts. I was stroking my dick while watching her ass. It was so good shaped ass.

So again I stretched my hand so that I can touch her bare back. I was moving my hand on her back side. She suddenly got awake and turned towards me. And quickly closed my eyes and acted I was in deep sleep. I think she thought I was touching her in deep sleep. But my plan was different. She went to washroom and came back. This time she came and slept facing me. After 15mints I again started my hand toward her belly. When I was little space between my hand and her stomach she suddenly covered herself with blanket and my hand also was in her blanket I got very scared. But I took time to reach her belly.

Finally I placed my hand on her bare belly.I enjoyed her for some while and slowly i moved my hand into down, im about touch her pussy.Suddenly My aunt was breathing heavily I can feel her breath. I slowly started massaging on her pussy and she was slowing moving towards me. I was feeling very happy because my aunt was also enjoying. She moved towards me till our legs got touched. I thought this was green signal so I started moving towards her boobs which were my favorite.I Started fingering in her pussy . My aunt was breathing heavily and started pressing her boobs softly on her jacket with other hand. She was slowly shivering. And I lost my control and held her hand and placed it on my dick. She was pressing my dick. And I got more strength and I caught her waist and dragged her towards me. She slowly told that Kamal please do whatever u want im very horny but do silently because all other members are sleeping beside us.

I was in heaven by hearing these words from her. I said OK aunt lets have some fun. I covered myself and my aunt with one blanket. Started pressing my aunt boobs she also held my Hand and pressing her boobs with more strength. I stopped and slowly removed her blouse and touched her bare boobs. Wow! What a feelings friends it was my first time to touch my aunt boobs. She also held my dick and started playing with it. I slowly went inside blanket and started sucking her boobs. Pinched them bite them squeezed them very hard. My aunt was moaning ha ha ha hha Kamaaaaalllll plssss. Kamal ha ha ha. I lip locked with her she was in full swing. She is out of control.

She held my dick and placed it in her mouth. Haaaaaaaa it was heaven. She was stroking my dick very fast in her mouth. I was in heaven. And I was looking around whether someone has woken up or no. To my luck nobody was awake. All are in their deep sleep. I held my aunt hair I was fucking her mouth. After 10 minutes she came on me and again our tongues started playing and she said in Telugu like this. Ne mama kuda naku inta swargam chupiyale Ra.nannu deggara pls Ra Kamal (u r shown me heaven more than your uncle does. Please fuck me ra Kamal please).

I said thank you aunty and went on aunty slowly thrown my blanket aside. Looked around there was no problem. So I started to insert my dick into my aunt’s cunt. So was so hottttt. I started moving fro and back slowly and increased my pace. Aunty was closed her eyes and kept her hands in her mouth so that nobody hear her voice. I was pressing her boobs and fucking at the same time. it went for 15mintes and I cummed on my aunts boobs. And fell down. Aunty kissed me and I again kept my blanket and started to suck her nipples. My aunt took my face with her hands and kissed on my forehead and said o my sweet Kamal. Let’s sleep now. I’m tired. It’s already 330am if someone getup we will be in trouble. I still held her boobs in my hand and said OK with sad.

Aunt went to washroom with her blouse in her hand. It was my most unforgettable day. After that day aunt went away saying bye to me. I was not able to say anything to her because my mom was also there. Till today I masturbate by realising this incident. If you like my story plz send your suggestions and compliments to I want to make secret relationship with aunties and girls who are in Hyderabad. So Hyderabad aunties are always welcome to chat with me anytime for u. Ummmaaaahhhhh. Bye.