Monday, 1 September 2014

Sex with the patient

Hi, this is pooja again, and you must have read about my trysts with the basketball team(Junior students helped librarian to unseal my virginity). Now, I will be telling you about how I got a patient of mine to fuck me.Iwas taking nurse training, I was then posted in Skin and STD department, during my internship about a year back. Being in that department, I was seeing a lot of cases of fungal infections, and few patients with ulcers on their penis.
As our department had only female staffs, I, being the junior most was always told to see these cases, as the senior staffs didn’t want to see them. Being posted in a Govt Hospital meant that there were plenty of such cases, and most of them belonging to lower class of populations. Many of these patients used to eagerly drop their pants/lungi to show their disgusting hairy cocks, which I had to bend down and examine with my gloved hands.
I used to see the cocks grow in front of me, and the smell used to disgust me even more. In spite of all this, I was forced to do the job, and I was waiting for my posting to end. However, I indeed got lucky on a Sunday. I used to be the only doctor in the clinic, as there were hardly 2 or 3 patients visiting on Sundays. I was wearing a salwaar kameez for the clinic. It being a summer day, I had put aside my dupatta and white apron to get some fresh air.
It was almost 1pm, the closing time, where this young boy of about 20 walked in. He had a lean built, but there was something about his face that attracted me a lot. He complained of the usual itch in his groin. I took him to the examining room, and asked him to show me where it itches him.
With some hesitation he pulled his undies down, and I enjoyed the scene so much, that while wearing the latex gloves, I overstretched it. It was torn, and there was no other glove left in the stock.
I had to go ahead and examine him with my bare hands. I took his penis in my hands, and told him that he’s got a bad fungal infection. I prescribed him drugs for a week, and asked him to review next Sunday same time.  Next week, I came to the clinic in a loose T-shirt, and a skirt. It was a similar lazy Sunday afternoon, and just before 1pm,
I started putting my make-up expecting him to show up. It was 1:30pm and there was no sign of the guy. Disappointed, I locked the clinic, and headed to the doctor’s room to collect my belongings, when I heard footsteps of someone approaching, and I knew it was him. I took him to the Doctor’s room for examination. I knew that this is my only chance to get this guy do something with me.
He was standing right in front of me, when I bent down, giving him a deep view of my cleavage over the loose T-shirt. I saw him getting and erection inside his pants, and without seeking his permission, I unzipped his fly, and pulled his pants and undies down, exposing his erect cock.
I took it in my hand, and after a look, I told him, “No sign of infection now.” He was staring at my cleavage, and he was caught in the act as I spoke to him. Embarrassed, he tried to cover it saying,
Nice necklace doctor, it suits you.I said don’t flirt with me.Then immediately he replied your boobs were soo good. Ohh thanq” Next moment, he pushed his cock into my mouth sudenly,i also cooperated with him and sucking his cock taking soft bites of his sac. He was enjoying the moment holding my hair tight behind my head. I was sucking him hard now, pushing the 6 inch tool as much as possible, and now it was pulsating in my mouth, with little drops of pre-cum trickling inside. He took his t-shirt off and was now completely naked in front of me, getting his cock sucked.
As I finished the blowjob, he picked me up placing me on the wooden desk, and took my t-shirt off. He slowly made me lie flat on the table, as he bent down kissing my cleavage and then my bellybutton, getting hold of my skirt and pulling it down. There I lay in front of him in my sexiest black lingerie ready to be devoured. He started sucking my toes, and a strange sensation was travelling through my body.
I have never had this experience, and I knew I was in the hands of a pro. Gradually he moved up kissing my leg, and then the thighs, putting his hand in my panties, playing with my clean shaved pussy. He kept on licking my thighs, and I desperately wanted his tongue in my pussy.
I slid my panties down to the knees as he was working on the toes of my other foot. Spreading my thighs apart, I was welcoming him to suck my already wet cunt.
Without delaying any further, he started slowly licking the edges of my pussy, and I was rubbing my clitoris. He then pushed his finger inside my pussy, and was moving it very rapidly. I was moaning now, and told him that I am about to have an orgasm.
He got even faster, and for the first time ever, I squirted. It was such a heavenly experience, and he was licking my squirt off his face with his fingers. He laid down on me, and I licked his face clean.
He now took my bra off too, and at the same time pushed his penis inside me. I was moaning loud, and in order to stop me from being too loud, he was kissing me. He started moving and our naked body rubbed each others’ as he was fucking me. I was squeezing his butts.
He put his hands under me, and with the cock still inside, he picked me up and I was jumping up and down in his arms while he was biting off my tits.
I had to bite my lips to stay quiet. He continued to fuck me in various positions, and when he was about to cum, made me sit on the floor, and started jerking as I waited for him to shoot his load inside me. I was covered in his cum soon, and then, I licked his cock clean after I swallowed his load. Without delaying any further, we dressed up again, and kissed goodbye.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Pinni ni nidralo denganu

 hi naa peru siva....naa vayasu ippudu 24 yrs.
idi na life jarigina katha ....tappo leka rito naku teliyadu kani enduko cheppalani ani pinchi rastunnanu...

appudu naa sarigga 18 yrs , inter pass ayyi degree lo cheradaniki ready ga unnanu..seluvalu kavadam to nenu intlo ne vunde vadini....naaku sex korikalu naku 14 yrs nunche start ayyayi..maadi joint family intlo 16 mandi unnam pedda kutumbam...naku mugguru pinnullu...vallaku approx ga appudu 30, 27, 21 yrs untayi...

maa pedda pinni peru jalaja, andaru andam ga ne untaru.roju nenu maa mugguru pinnulu clevage show ni chustu enjoy chese vadini...

aa roju naku baaga gurtu , date 2009 may 1st naa , workers day kavadam toh nanna , babayilu andaru maa factory panulu meeda factory ki vellaru...vallu ravadam chala aalasyam avutundi ani amma ki telusu...

sadharanam ga summer season kabbati andaram maa daaba paiki  velli padukuntamu...summer holidays kavadam toh 2nd , 3rd pinni iddaru valla puttintiki vellaru.amma intlo ne padukoni nanna vallu vaste gate tiyalani tana room lone padukoni poyindi..

 aa roju terrece paiki padukovadaniki nenu , jalaja pinni, maa cousin chelli, (8 yrs), paiki velli padukunnam.
 appudu sarigga ratri 12 gantala prantam lo nidralo nemurtunna naku anuko kunda melukuva vacchindi..
lechi chuste na pakka maa cousin tana pakkana maa jalaja pinni padukoni unnaru,anukokunda naa kannu pinni kalla vaipu tirigindi...appudu maa pinni cheera , langa baaga paiki lechi tana todalu kani pistu unnayi..sudden gaa naa modda lechi kurchundi..chamatalu padutunnayi edo cheyalani naku emi cheyalo ardham kaka alaa chsutu undi poyanu..konta samayam tarvata nidra lo pinni atuvaipu ga tirigi padu kundi appudu tana veepu nadumu and mokali paiki lechina langa lo pinni ento sexy ga kanipinchindi. ika control chesuko leka poyanu...

nemmadi ga nenu lechi maa iddari madhya unna maa cousin ni pakka ku nettanu, baaga ghada nidro lo unna tanu nidra leva ledu.aa tarvata nenu maa pinni pakkana padukunnanu..tension perugutundi , naa kaalu onukutunnayi,konchem sepu tarvata aame meeda naa cheyi vesanu. aameku melukuva raledu,chinnaga kalu kuda vesanu ayina aameku melukuva ra ledu.konchem dhairyam chesi . naa chetindi aame salla miduga jarapasaganu...nisabdham valanna aame oppuri kuda spastam ga vinipistundi.aala na chetitho aame salaanu touch chesi light ga press chestunnanu.kaani edo tension, emauntundo ani bhayam.

appudu kuda aame nidra levaledu.appudu sukha padadaniki naku oka idea vacchindi , appudu nenu ventane na short kindaku jaripi naa moddanu aame pirralaku rudda sagaanu.tarva naa modda toh maa pirrala midaa gattiga injection chesinatlu gattiga vattanu.kaani naaku sukham chala ledu.

appudu naaku maro idea vachindi ventane konchem paiki jariganu , appudu naa modda amme nadumu meeda taakindi naa lo edo teliyani thrill kaligindi..ika daggaraku jarigi naa moddanu aame nadumu pai na rudda saganu..kaasepu tarvata. naku enduko thrill avvaka thodalu paiki lechi unna tanu langa vaipu naa kannu malli padindi...ila tana nadumunu na modda toh massage chestune nenu oka cheti thoh tana langa nu paiki yetta sagaanu..

ala paiki konchem ettaka light ga tana pirralu kanipincha sagayi. malli aalage nenu kindaku jarigi naa moddanu aame pirralu paina petti gattiga nokki injection laa cheya saaganu.
ala konchem sepu chesina tarvata naaku sperms release ayyayi , correct ga appude nenu tanu pirrala mida na moddanu tesi vesanu.
ala aa roju nenu 2 -3 shots lu maa pinni denganu . vichitram emitante aameku melukuva raaledu.

ala roju nenu aame nadumu leka boddu midano modda petti dengutunnatlu feel ayye vadini.
oka roju ilage tana pirralanu dengutunnapudu sudden gaa maa pinni lechi kurchundi..nenu ventane nidra potunnatlu natinchanu..edo ayo mayam anukoni malli padukundi...nenu kaasepu tarvata aame nadumu pai dengutunnatlu oogutu naa moddanu aame nadumu pai na chetulni aame boddu pai unchi kalla toh aame kallanu gattiga pattukoni unnanu sudden gaa aame malli lechindi ee sari naaku chance ledu endukante nenu temptetion ekkuva ayyi battalu mottam vippi aame nu dengutunnanu.aame naa vaipu chusi chiraku toh kopaga em chestunnavu andi. naa nota maata ledu, ninne adigedi, em chestunnavu ani malli adigindi..naku emi cheppalo ardham kaa ledu. tanu kopam gaa mee amma naana laku ee vishayam cheptanu annadi.

bhayam vesi aame kaalu chetulu pattukoni bratimiladanu.sare ani vadilesi maroka sari ila cheste mee amma nanna lo cheptanu ani cheppi malli padukundi.

bhayam lo nenu aame pakkaga padukoni "thank pinni ani annanu"
anduku aame deniki chennanduka leka inta sepu sukhanni ichinaduka, andi.
daaniki nenu asalu emi jaraga ledu pinni annau.
aame asalu em chelani anukunnavu venuka nunchi em chestunnavu andi.
jarigindi anta nenu aame toh cheppanu, daaniki aame chiru navvu navvi asalu nuvvu parama waste annadi.
kaasepu tarvata aame nato : nuvvu ila nannu eppati nunchi chustunnavu andi . nenu daniki aame to malli mottam cheppanu.

aapudu nenu malli dare chesi ayina nenu emi ninnu dengaledu kada ani adiganu. daaniki aame chance iste anta pani chesevadividi ani annadi.
appudu nenu emi matlada leka poyanu.

aame kasepu tarvata naa lo neeku nachindi emiti andi adigindi . nenu ventane naa che aame salla pai petti ivve ani annanu. amme emi matlada ledu.

aame toh madladi nenu pinni please ayina nenu ninnu dengadam ledu kada pai pai panule plz kasepu chesukonnivvu ani adigannu, chala sepu request chesaka aame sara chesuko em chesukuntavo nenu chustanu andi.

kaasepu aalochinchi naa chetula toh aam jacket hukk ni teesei vesina, ventane nenu duppati kappu koni aame midam kuda duppati vesanu.
appudu aame emi chestunnavu andi..daniki nenu pai pai panulu ani cheppanu.
maunam ga undi poyindi aa tarvata nenu modda ni aame boddu lo petti ooputu , nidanam ga na noru to aame nipples pattukunna ventane aame nannu tosi vesindi . nenu malli aametoh nenu emi dengadam ledu kada..pai pai panulu kada 10 mins lo ayyi potundi ani antu en malli naa moddani ee saari aa cheera paiki lagi lopala pettanu . sallanu cheekutu enjoy chesanu.

adi chustu aame nato..nenu asalu nidra leva kunda unte bagundi simple ga ala adjust ayyi poyevadii kaani ippdu naa sallu naa pirralau mottam chekutunnavu. dengatledu antune mottam kaanichestunnavu.

kaani twaraga kaani andi . daaniki nenu nuvvu paduko nenu naa pani ayyaka nenu nee hukk petti padukuntanu anna.
intalo aame atuvapuga tiripadukundi eppati lage ventane maa moddanu tana pirrala madhay lo unna sandulo doorchanu. ventane aame emiti idi padu pani aapu andi..

appudu mood ekkuva ga undadam toh nenu aame norunu nokki patti naa kalla toh jalaja pinni gattiga vatesukoni chala vegam ga aame muddi lo denga saganu tarvata etu thipi aame puku lo durchaanu baaga denganu alaa 3 mins kuda kaledu  puku lo ne naa sperms kaari poyayi..poortiga out ayaka nenu bayataku teesi naa short sari chesu kunnanu.
aame edustu asalu nannu pinni anukunnava leka emi anukunnav...andi...

daniki nenu emi matlada ledu . aame maa amma toh chepta ani malli edustu annadi nenu konchem dhairyam ga nuvvu cheppalevu annanu. dani toh ame silent ayyi poyi malli atu tirigi padukundi..
ala aa roju aame toh nenu 2 sarlu pirrala madhya petti denganu..

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Junior students helped librarian to unseal my virginity

Hi! I recently found this amazing website to share my personal experiences. About me, I am 25 years old pooja, a married housewife, who has had, and is still having a gala time. My hubby, is quite dumb because of 2 reasons, first, because he doesnt enjoy foreplay, and second, he believes me to be a Sati Savitri. Well, this arranged marriage probably works out for me.
But the experience I am about to narrate was the one that took place when I was in 11th std. It was a co-ed school. I was a huge fan of basketball, and so was cheering during one of the matches for my class, which defeated the seniors. I perhaps crossed the line by boo-ing them in the open court in front of all their juniors. The celebration was on, but I had to go to the library after the match.
The seniors – 5 of them – were pissed off after the defeat, and they followed me to vent their anger out. It was evening time, and there were 2 girls and another senior sitting there and reading. The guys walked up to the librarian, and I saw them paying him Rs.500 for leaving the chair. They walked in and were literally harassing the other 2 gals, who immediately left as well. Perhaps they could not tolerate the smell of sweat in the air.
I was left alone with 6 guys in the whole library. I tried focusing back on the books, but was in total shock when I saw them coming at me, challenging me to boo them again. Ritesh told me “You bitch, u booed us in front of the entire school, why don’t u do it now, while stripping for all of us” I was scared, yet tried to appear resolute and replied “Shame on u losers, How can u even think about it?
Look at the way you all are stinking! The next moment, I was laid flat on the table, and Sandy took out a pen knife, and put it inside my skirt. I was shouting for help, but no one was there to heed my call at the time. I had no idea what was coming. And then I felt him, pulling the elastic of my panties with his knife, and snap, it was torn, and Sandy was taking it out laughing out loud with other guys.
Sameer took it from him, and said “So you are complaining about the stink, haan?” and he started wiping his sweat esp the armpits with my panties, drenching it, and shoving it in my mouth while the other guys held me tight, not letting me move. He was squeezing it so hard that I was forced to literally drink his sweat. It was salty, not bad though. I continued to struggle. Harsh then commented,
Now you are one of us darling, you shouldnt mind the stink. Will you strip now, or shall we do this to the rest of your clothes too. You may have to go home naked if we do that and all of them burst into laughter. I then realized the gravity of the situation, and nodded in agreement.
In the mean time, the librarian came back, and was trying to oppose the guys, asking them to let me go or he will complain, but very soon, he too agreed to this, when we was allowed to watch the show, and “enjoy” after they are done. I knew by now that there is no escaping from this scene. I said, “I will take down my school uniform, but please do not fuck me as I am still a virgin, I will die if all of you do it.” To my surprise they agreed, but Daryll then told me, “You are gonna regret it baby, after you find out what you are gonna miss.”
I was let free to start the show. With 6 seniors waiting for me to get in action, I was turned on a little, and strangely, I started enjoying the sweaty flavor in my mouth. I took off my shirt and skirt, and there I was standing in my bra only right in the middle of 6 guys, 5 of them being basketball players.
Although I wasn’t very big then (32c maybe), I got plenty of nice comments on my curves, and I felt my tits getting harder inside my bra. I wanted to appear ashamed, so I didn’t take my bra off.
Daryll got angry, he stood up and pulled my hairs with his strong hair, and with the other hand, literally pulled my bra off my breasts tearing it apart. Piyush – the senior who was not the basketball player – took his mobile and snapped my nude pic, and said “enough of your drama bitch, now you will do whatever we say, any further drama, this pic will be made public.”
I was so scared, that I went down on my knees begging them not to do it. I agreed in doing whatever they want, but made a request that they don’t fuck me. I was laid down on the table totally naked, and I felt 10 hands all over my body, yet none inside my pussy, squeezing me hard. I was in pain, but I was really enjoying the nipple squeeze Sandy was giving me.
My cries gradually turned into moaning, to which Harsh said “we will treat you as an object darling, no fun for you.” And that’s what exactly was happening, they left my pussy untouched, no kissing, only squeezing tits and butts. They were rubbing their hands. I was starting to get turned on, and my hard tits said it all to them. Then Ritesh lied down on my naked body, rubbing his sweaty body all over me.
He put his hands under my back, and started rubbing it vigorously. I got so turned on that my fingers went to my pussy, and I was rubbing my clitoris. When they saw me, Harsh took my hands away, pushing it on the table, and told me, “No pleasure for u, slut!!”
After Ritesh, the other guys got over me fully clad in their clothes rubbing all over my naked body, transferring all their sweat on me, I on the other hand was left wanting something in my pussy. I was however, wet underneath with all their sweat play.
It was then Piyush suggested, “You can touch yourself after you suck all the cocks, and take the cum shots.” I happily consented and did as suggested. My body was covered all over in cum, esp my hairs and tits. I happily licked everything on my body, and even the drops on the floor.
All this play had left me behaving like a filthy slut. I was fingering right in front of them when Daryll asked me if I needed a cock in there. I couldn’t say no to his offer and agreed instantly. Daryll told me, “Then beg for it bitch, give us whatever we ask for.” They made me lick their assholes. I enjoyed doing that as well. After all the licking Piyush said, we promised not to fuck you, we can’t break it.” I was left kept wanting.
Sameer asked me, “u like it dirty pooja?” to which I nodded yes. The 6 boys whispered among themselves, and the stood around me. They took their cocks out, and urinated all over my body, while I was masturbating. I didn’t bother opposing, for I was enjoying it sooo much. I took quite a lot of the urine in my mouth. It was yummm, mixture of so many tastes. And when they were done, my entire body was shining in urine. I smelled of piss and sweat, but I was happy.
The boys turned to the librarian, and told him that he can now do whatever he wants with me, and they left, leaving their sweaty kerchiefs for my use. I was still masturbating with my fingers, throwing orgasms again and again. The librarian came to me in disgust, spat on me and he opened his zip showed me his huge cock ,I was surprised by seeing it. I sucked it very well nd finally he also threw his lot of cum on me, he is about to suck my pussy .His sucking made me much more horny. I screwed my finger in my pussy very fastly, then librian asked me do u need any help ?? with sexy expression I nodded my head.He handovered his cock to me ,I make him horny the cock is about to grow bigger.He slowly inserted his cock into my pussy I was shouting aaaaaahhhh sirrrrrrrrrr pls remove it hurting me a lot plssssssss sir, he doesn’t listen my words nd slowly total cock pushed into my pussy,some of blood came from my pussy.He took out my virgin now.He waited for 1 min keeping his full cock in my pussy by seeing my position.Then again he started pushing his cock now some relief .He was was now pushing strongly with strong strokes im moaning aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh sirrrrrrrrrrrrr aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh thereafter im enjoying the strokes.He Fuked me about half nd hr left me.   It was almost 7 in the evening. I mopped myself with the stinking kerchiefs of the seniors, dressed up and went home.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

I fucked my mom along with uncle

Mere dost Akash ki family normal family ki tarah hai. Family me 4 log the. Mom, Dad, akash aur uski choti bahan. Akash 20 saal ak tha bahan 17 ki aur mom 42 ke around thi. Akash ke dad Army the unki posting change hoti rahti aur jagah bhi. Is baar vo 2 mahine ke liye Delhi se door gaye jalandhar. Akash mere sath 1st year me tha. Ham aksar sex ki baate karte the tabhi. Akash ne ek din akele me mujhe se poocha ki tujhe kaisa lagega agar tu apne parents ko sex karte dekh le to.Main kaha mujhe nahi pata ye vaise normal hai vo aise karte hain isliye ham tum is dunia me hain. fir vo bola ki agar kisi aur ke sath kare to. Main kaha iska kya matlab bola yaar kuch batana mat kisi ko meri mom ko maine kisi aur ke sath dekha hai.

Main kaha case kya hai dhang se bata. Vo bola mere dad bahar jate hain par is baar unka tour bada hai . Ek uncle ko main apne ghar 2 baar dekha tha. Dad jab ghar par the. Lenki main school se 2 baar thoda jaldi ghar gaya last week me aur ek din main use ghar dekha aur dobara ghar ke paas. Mujhe lagta kuch gadbad hai. Maine mom ka phone dekh calls details se kuch pata nahi chala par gadbad jaroor hai.aur is week main dekha mom ka kamra band tha. aur main chupke se apne room me chala gaya. Side wale room me halchal ho rhi thi. maine sone ki acting kar rha tha vo uncle chupke se mom ke ghar se nikal gaye. Mom aayi aur boli tu kab aaya knock bhi nahi kiya. Maine kaha mom I’m not feeling well. fir main so gaya mujhe poora pata chal gaya ki mom us uncle ke sath sex kar rhi hai. mom ko bhi pata chala gya main 2 week me 3 baar us dekh chuka tha.
Ek din main raat ko padh rha tha fir maine thoda porn dekhne ka mood banaya light band thi. Mom ne knock kiya main jaldi se laptop band kiya aur sone ki acting karte huye door khola mom boli itni jaldi so gya padh nahi rha nahi laptop par movie dekh rha hai .Maine kaha abhi leta sab dekh kar mera penis khada tha mom udhar baar baar dekh rahi thi. mom boli sach me tu so rha tha mere penis ki taraf dekhte huye. Main chup tha bola haan kyun. lag to nahi raha vo gayi aur darwaja band karke paas aake boli ” Akash mujhe pata hai tune sab dekh liya”
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Uske baad mom mera lund choosna chalu kar diya aur itne jor se choos rahi thi jaisi bhookhi ho lund ki. Thook kar khoob chusa lund bada ho gya . Fir vo khadi huyi aur apne kapde nikaal diye aur mere upar taange khol ke boli tu isi chut se nikla aur aaj ye chut pyasi lund ki to aaj bhuje meri pyas yahi teri duty hai. aur mere lund ko chut me leke baith gayi aur boli . ye is chut ko itna chod ki teri maa ko koi doosra na chode. maine kuch nahi bola lekin ab mera man tyyar ho gyi thi meri mom ki mast gand aur boobs dekh ke koi bhi chodne ko tyyar ho jayegi fir maine haan kahi aur choonchi choosene laga mera lund mom ki chut me aur tight aur bada ho gya,,, Mom ke boobs daba daba ke uncle ne bade kar diye maine khoob choosa . Uske baad main mom ko lita ke taang apne hath me leke lund chut me daal ki daba ke stroke diye par vo aur jyada chah rahi hi. main fir mom ko doggy style me liya aur daba ke choda main thak gaya tha. Fir main bed par leta aur mom reverse motion me lund par baith kar apna hip ghooma ne lagi bahut maja aa rha tha fir mom daba ke stroke diye aur fir dhire dhire gol gol ghumne lagti mera lund laal ho gya tha mom jhatke se hati aur choosne lagi ek bhi baar muh lund alag nahi kiya jitna cum nikla poora pi gyi . uske baad mujhe kiss karke boli agar apni maa ki kisi aur se chudne se bachana hai to kam se kam har hafte 1-2 ghante ki chudai karni hogi aur agar tu aur tera dad aisa nahi kar sakte uncle har doosre din 7 inche ke lund se chod ke jayega koi objection mat uthana us par . iske baad mom meri room me har 2-3 din me aati hain main bahut chod chuka usko.
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