Friday, 21 November 2014

sex with aunty when all were slept

Hi WNS fans. I have been reading WNS for almost 9 months. I have become a great fan of this site. I am Hyderabad. Raised and bought up in Hyderabad only. I don’t want to waste any time more. The story is all about how I and my aunt (father’s sister) enjoyed whole night while all other family members are sleeping around us. My aunt is a sexy bomb stats are 34 28 32. With round boobs sexy waist and ass. Coming to myself I’m Kamal completed my graduation and am a cool guy always wanted to mingle up with everyone and make everyone comfortable around me.

So it was a festival, so all family members are got together in our house. My house is a 3BHK. So it was so good having all family members at one place. And day started with playing games. And my aunties and my mother are got busy with their household work. And my dad and uncles were got busy getting wine and beers for them. So afternoon was also gone so cool that all are having good time. I’m having 4 cousins and we are playing some games. So finally night has come. All are tired because of the work and due to playing. So everybody had dinner and setting up to sleep. This is the turning point in this story. As I told that we are having 3BHK. 1 room was occupied by uncles because they want to drink. Other one was occupied by grandmother and 3 small girl children’s. Another one was only for my father he likes to sleep privately.

So, in hall I and my cousin were already arranged our bed and we started watching TV. Suddenly my aunties (there were 3) came with bed sheets to hall to sleep. So my angel aunt set up her bed beside me. My mom also agrees because there is no other option. So initially I was not thought of doing something naughty but as time passed it was around 12 suddenly I was awake. So I saw there all are sleeping. Beside me my aunt was facing me. She was looking very hot in bed light. And she was in her sari that too light pink color so I was getting aroused by seeing her. So I thought that I will do something tonight that my aunt should become mine for the whole night.

So I was bit scared because this is my first time doing with my lovely aunt. So I stretched my hand from my blanket towards auntie’s boobs and I placed my hands near her boobs so that if she moves a little my hands will get touched with her boobs. So to my luck she turned towards ground side and my hand was between ground and her boobs. Wow what a feeling it was. Her boobs are soooooo soft pressing on my hand. I was moving little my hand. It was awesome. And suddenly my aunt turned away and now her ass is facing me. I was really got aroused me and my dick already got raised in my shorts. I was stroking my dick while watching her ass. It was so good shaped ass.

So again I stretched my hand so that I can touch her bare back. I was moving my hand on her back side. She suddenly got awake and turned towards me. And quickly closed my eyes and acted I was in deep sleep. I think she thought I was touching her in deep sleep. But my plan was different. She went to washroom and came back. This time she came and slept facing me. After 15mints I again started my hand toward her belly. When I was little space between my hand and her stomach she suddenly covered herself with blanket and my hand also was in her blanket I got very scared. But I took time to reach her belly.

Finally I placed my hand on her bare belly.I enjoyed her for some while and slowly i moved my hand into down, im about touch her pussy.Suddenly My aunt was breathing heavily I can feel her breath. I slowly started massaging on her pussy and she was slowing moving towards me. I was feeling very happy because my aunt was also enjoying. She moved towards me till our legs got touched. I thought this was green signal so I started moving towards her boobs which were my favorite.I Started fingering in her pussy . My aunt was breathing heavily and started pressing her boobs softly on her jacket with other hand. She was slowly shivering. And I lost my control and held her hand and placed it on my dick. She was pressing my dick. And I got more strength and I caught her waist and dragged her towards me. She slowly told that Kamal please do whatever u want im very horny but do silently because all other members are sleeping beside us.

I was in heaven by hearing these words from her. I said OK aunt lets have some fun. I covered myself and my aunt with one blanket. Started pressing my aunt boobs she also held my Hand and pressing her boobs with more strength. I stopped and slowly removed her blouse and touched her bare boobs. Wow! What a feelings friends it was my first time to touch my aunt boobs. She also held my dick and started playing with it. I slowly went inside blanket and started sucking her boobs. Pinched them bite them squeezed them very hard. My aunt was moaning ha ha ha hha Kamaaaaalllll plssss. Kamal ha ha ha. I lip locked with her she was in full swing. She is out of control.

She held my dick and placed it in her mouth. Haaaaaaaa it was heaven. She was stroking my dick very fast in her mouth. I was in heaven. And I was looking around whether someone has woken up or no. To my luck nobody was awake. All are in their deep sleep. I held my aunt hair I was fucking her mouth. After 10 minutes she came on me and again our tongues started playing and she said in Telugu like this. Ne mama kuda naku inta swargam chupiyale Ra.nannu deggara pls Ra Kamal (u r shown me heaven more than your uncle does. Please fuck me ra Kamal please).

I said thank you aunty and went on aunty slowly thrown my blanket aside. Looked around there was no problem. So I started to insert my dick into my aunt’s cunt. So was so hottttt. I started moving fro and back slowly and increased my pace. Aunty was closed her eyes and kept her hands in her mouth so that nobody hear her voice. I was pressing her boobs and fucking at the same time. it went for 15mintes and I cummed on my aunts boobs. And fell down. Aunty kissed me and I again kept my blanket and started to suck her nipples. My aunt took my face with her hands and kissed on my forehead and said o my sweet Kamal. Let’s sleep now. I’m tired. It’s already 330am if someone getup we will be in trouble. I still held her boobs in my hand and said OK with sad.

Aunt went to washroom with her blouse in her hand. It was my most unforgettable day. After that day aunt went away saying bye to me. I was not able to say anything to her because my mom was also there. Till today I masturbate by realising this incident. If you like my story plz send your suggestions and compliments to I want to make secret relationship with aunties and girls who are in Hyderabad. So Hyderabad aunties are always welcome to chat with me anytime for u. Ummmaaaahhhhh. Bye.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Affair with my husband lustful brother

This is my true story. My name is Simran belonging to a sikh family. I am happily married to Rajpal who has well established business in Delhi. I am 24 yrs ,5ft 6in,fair, very sexy figure size 39-26-36 with sexy long legs. Rajpal’s just elder brother,Himmat singh ,also stay in Delhi. He looks very similar to my husband and married to a very fair sexy girl Nina. Nearly everyday we all used to be together and really were enjoying .
Many times I noticed Rajpal eying my boobs or my sexy legs when I was in tight jeans or short skirt.I was uncomfortable and told Rajpal but he said to just ignore it . Once when I was alone in my home, Himmat came to my house all alone . I greeted him and served him tea and snacks. We started normal routine talks and then he suddenly caught my hand and conversation started
Rajpal – “Simran I like u very much and i m in love with u.”I pulled my hand from him and said “No No it is wrong .How dare u say such a thing to me.Remember u r my husband bro and u have such a lovely wife. U better leave my house or I will tell Nina about it.” He caught me with both hands roughly and said”LISTEN Simran Rajpal had been fucking Nina before your marriage. I have seen myself once when he was fucking Nina in kitchen in doggie position. I was shocked to see both were really enjoying .His lund was completely in her white chut.They thought I was having bath.
I quietly went back to bath and came back to see Rajpal watching TV and Nina cooking. Both were smiling and had satisfied look.I was disturbed but kept quiet to avoid bad name to my family.” I was shocked to belief and said”Enough dont u dare speak about my husband like this .U leave my house immediately or else I have to call Rajpal.” He said” OK, I m leaving but u can check with your husband .I am mentally disturbed and not in a peace of mind.Bye see u soon.”
I was restless but did not open this topic with Rajpal. Next day we all went to club. Rajpal and Himmat had extra drinks. We exchanged our partners for a dance .Himmat told me”look at both how they r looking at each other and enjoying dance.Did u speak to Rajpal.”I also saw Rajpal flirting with Nina . I said”I will speak to him today.”We all had dinner and reached our homes.
Today was the right time to speak to him as he was drunk and desperate to fuck me . We lied on the bed and he made me naked and started sucking my boobs. I said “Today u were really enjoyig dance with Nina.Tell me honestly u like her and do u love her.”In a drunk state he kept his finger on my lips and said “Sh Sh Sh OK OK I will tell u but promise me that u will not tell anyone.We love each other and whenever we get chance we fuck and enjoy .She is very fair and her chut is fuuuun….” He started snoring
Next morning he woke up early and told me that he has to go to Agra and will be back late night. he asked for nimbopani as he was having hangover. He did not remember anything as he was too drunk and was thinking all was normal.He kissed me and said bye bye. I was thinking as to what should I do .If I talk to him it may spoil r relation and also family reputation.I started routine housework and after completing all work our servants also left. Now I had nothing to do so I thought to clean myself. I changed into short skirt and shaved my legs and chut and underarms.
Doorbell rang. I opened to see Himmat . I allowed him inside and sat with him in drawing room .He asked”So could u speak to him .” I had my head down and started crying “what u said is correct.Both r having affair. Let me make some tea for u.”I went to kitchen to make tea .He followed me and caught hold of me from behind and started pressing my boobs and kissing my neck.I told him “please leave me .it is not correct .please leave me.”He said “Not today. I also want to fuck u like they do and only then I will have peace of mind.He is very strong and i could not free myself.
He lifted me to my bedroom and threw me on my bed.My skirt went up and he saw my clean shaven chut and shaven sexy legs as I was not putting underwear.I saw a bulge on his jeans . With his one hand he caught my both hands and pulled it above my head and tore my top. I was only with bra and skirt fully up.I was shivering and nervous and turned on my stomach.He pulled my skirt and made me totally naked.
He also became naked and came on top of me .I was continually pleading to leave me . I could not  shout as I was scared of the insult. Being a real Sardar he lifted my bums and placed his rockhard lund on my chut. He started biting my shoulders and with one jerk inserted his life lund fully into my chut.I yelled noooooo…….. as he started pumping me hard. I did not see his lund but in my chut i could feel exactly like my husband lund-really thick 8inch long.He was biting me and roughly pressing my boobs.Slowly all the fear and pain vanished and I being sardarni lied low to enjoy powerful strokes.HE rammed me for nearly 15 min and flooded my choot with his juices.i also had deep orgasm at the same time.
We went to the bathroom. There I saw his still life lund saluting. It was exactly like Rajpal lund.
Now all the shame had vanished. I bent down caught his balls and started sucking lund . I sucked him for 10 min and drank all the juice of same taste like my husband.We bathed each other and again went to bedroom naked.He started licking me from my feet slowly reached my totally wet chut.He started licking upper walls of my chut and then entered his tongue deep inside my pussy.He spread my legs inserted his two fingers and started playing to and fro .It was awesome and I was in heaven.He sucked me totally dry and then fucked me roughly in a missionary position till I had orgasm.He kissed me and thanked me a lot.
Since then whenever we got chance I started enjoying fuck with Himmat real stud lund which I am sure any SARDARNI wants.We were also sure that Rajpal and Nina were fucking like us and our life was smooth thereafter.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

A Day with innocent Servant

I live with my parents and we are well settled in Pune, since both my father and mother are working, we needed a maid to take care of the household things, etc. so we decided to hire one maid from our village. Her name was Aarti, she 29 in age, was not much educated, but decent looks, little shy, over all she had sexy curves, nice boobs, and the best thing she was a very good cook. Let me get down to telling you how it all started.
I 26 yrs. of age coming from a very good family, and doing a Degree course in one of the well reputed Institutes in Pune. I normally dont like to take any undue advantage of anyone say through money or if someone is in need, etc., I normally like to help as many people as possible. And because of this I have a decent company of freinds, and also good reputation in front of them.

One day I got up extremely late and decided to take the day off. So I was at home all alone, my parents were of to work. My Servant Aarti was doing her house work and I asked her if she has finished, she was about to and asked me if she should prepare my tea. I said yes and went into the Toilet to freshen up. Well as you know being a guy your dick is always erect in the morning. So I, thought of giving some rest to my giant dick, by giving a goodmorning shag.

I finished my work with an ease fantasizing one of my classmate, after cleaning my dick, I put it in my sorts and when I came outside in the hall for my tea, my servant was starring at my sorts, when I looked down, I saw that there was a wet spot on the area of my dick. I acted as if nothing happened. But I was observing her that she was looking over there time and again.
I later came to the hall and was watching the television. Aarti came and sat down on the ground infront of me and started to watch TV.

She use to feel little free talking to me, and she was even little immatured cause she came from a small village, and hence I use to never look at her in a negative or vulgar way. I use to never take advantage of it.

So as a part of curiosity she asked me how come there was wet spot on my sorts. I was surprised by hearing that question. Because I didnt knew what to answer. First I said I dont know. But she asked me twice. Hence I said it happens because of age. She said it never happened to her. I said it may happen later on. She was little confused, she asked me how come you are younger to me and it happened to you, but it did not happen to me. I said I dont know. She said, that she wanted some more explanation for it. I said you may experience it after sometime, I said, say when your husband holds you tight or does something with you. She was still confused. In the mean time my stuff was getting harder and harder, and it was in a semierect form.

She kept on looking at me. She said that she didnt knew much about such things, and her husband didnt do anything much, cause most of the time, he use to be badly drunk. At the same time, I was getting little nervous, cause I didnt knew what to answer, if she questions me anything else.

Then she said that even she wanted to experience the same wet thing, and then she looked at my sorts, at the wet (but now dry spot). She said it looks in a strange shape, whats the reason for it. I said I dont know, it happens sometimes. She said that if I wont clear my doubt, she may ask someone else, now I was getting quiet confused, that what should I do, should I go ahead and make her experience, or change the topic. Cause I was not liking to take advantage of her innocence.

She didnt say anything much, and left the room. She didnt come in the main room for a while, I went looking for her that where is she. I saw her in my parents bedroom, she had taken her ghagra up, and she was looking at her vagina, in front of the mirror. The moment I entered she was surprised and put her ghagra down. She was speechless, she didnt knew what to say. Since were close to each other. She said, since I have seen her bottomless, now I should be fair from my side, and should also remove my sorts. I was quiet confused, what to do. Normally I dont like hurting anyone.

Hence she came close to me, and she was looking in my eyes, and I was doing the same, and in the mean time, she moved her hand on my dick. And by the time I turned my head down, she moved my sorts down, and as they were of elastic they came down easily. I was worried and getting confused. She was staring at my dick. And she asked me what’s this. She said couple of times, she saw this part of her husband, when he made her naked in the initial time after their marriage. I was silent.

And because of that, and also curiosity made her touch my dick, I got a kind of a current and in a flash my dick stood up. It was a very soft touch. She pressed it couple of times, and she took it inside her palm and was fondling it. She was quite curious of all this happening. And part of it, she holded my dick from the top, and moving her hand, she just moved the skin from the knob of my dick. I couldnt control myself, for a while due to excitement I was on my toe. I was getting a wonderful sensation and feeling on my dick. Cause it was for the first time, any person was touching my dick. In the mean time, she kept on doing it, moving her hands up and down. I couldnt control myself, and slowly I shifted my hand to one of her breast. I was pressing it hard, first she got a strange kind of feeling, but still she continued playing with my dick. And now since I couldnt control myself, I moved my hand in side her kameez. I was pressing her boobs quite hard. The feeling that I was getting was great, as if there’s no one else in this world, apart from we two. I was experiencing it for the first time. And at the same time, I kept pressing her boobs harder and harder, I pinching her tits and twisting it up an down, I was enjoying every bit of it, and she starting shaking my dick more and more faster. She was enjoying and at the same time, I was in my own world, and in the mean time I was so excited that ejaculated in her hand.

She was still confused that what came in her hand. But at the same time, she felt something sticky at her vagina. She told me that now, how would she experience this. I told her, dont worry, I am there to make you happy. I removed her kameez, and also her ghagra. And she was a villager she didnt wear any bra or panty. She was complete nude. I made her lie down on our carpet. First I started pressing both her boobs. And say after around 2 mns. of pressing. I started sucking one of them, I was sucking the boobs as much as possible, and then her nipple. I sucked it harder and harder, and asked her if she enjoyed it, she just moaned and I continued with my work. I was sucking both the boobs one by one, and even pressing them and pinching the tits harder and harder. And her moans kept on increasing. Then I moved my hands on her stomach and waist, and her complete body was hot. She was enjoying every moment.

I was moving my hands on her stomach, and then to her thighs, I moved very slowly and softly, and she liked that a lot. And she gave trembled a little. When I moved my hand slowly and softly close to her vagina, she trembled more and more, and she started moaning loudly, she was moving her head from left or right, and viceversa and also moaning at the same time, she started moaning in a very low suppressed voice.hhhuuhhhh…uuuuffffff..ooooohhhhhhh…aaaahhhhh.. Then I slowly inserted one of my finger in her chut, and she moaned all the more.oooohhhhh…hhhuuhhhh.. Her chut was wet, I slowly moved my finger in and out, she was enjoying a lot, her eyes were closed. I shifted myself a little, I again started sucking her boobs, and at the same time I was inserting my finger inside her chut, and she started shouting.oooohhhhh…uuiiiiimmmmmaaaa… uuuuuhhhhh…. oooffff……aaaaahhhh. This was encouraging more and more, I was doing it little more faster, I was trying to eat her boobs as much as possible, and in the mean time also moving my finger into her chut, she was moaning. I started biting her boobs and her nipples, and she shouted, but she said that she also enjoyed, now I was moving my finger inside her chut more faster, and also sucking her boobs, and she moaning desparetly, making desparate noises like oooofffffffff…uuiiiiimmmmmaaaa oooohhhh uuuuuuhhhhhhhh.. sssshhhhhhhh uuuummmmmmmmmmmaaaahhhhhhh……. I further increased the pressure of my palms upon Aarti’s pair of firm breasts. I was feeling great in pressing her luxuriant breasts as they were very much tight. Aarti was holding me putting her arms back around my neck and that way giving me full opportunity to press and squeeze her breasts with ease. She was caressing sometimes my neck, sometimes my hairs in her excitement. I started squeezing her breasts with pressure. She was sibilating, hissing and moaning. After some times Aarti told me to increase the pressure of my hands on her breasts and also her chut. I did so. She then told me that something happening in her body and some feeling is coming. She just raised her back, her bottoms and moaned more……uuuummmmmmmmmmm…… aaaahhhhhhh…….. sssshhhhhhhh…….. uuuuuhhhhh…. oooffff……aaaaahhhh. And finally she came. I could see liquid come from her, she kept ejaculating for a long long time, cause I was still fingering her although she had ejaculated, but still there was some fluid which kept coming. Infact after a while almost my entire palm was filled with her sticky sperms.

We both lay there naked, I was moving my hands on her breasts occassionally. And after around 6-7 mns. she opened her eyes, and said that she really enjoyed that. I said that’s nice. I said we can enjoy some more, but provided she takes a good bath, cause since she is a servant she was smelling full of sweat. She agreed, I helped her in taking a nice bath. I was fondling her breast, and also moving my fingers during giving her a bath. We both were enjoying a lot. After having our bath, we moved to our bedroom, I gave something to eat and I also ate something, cause I was feeling little hungry.

Later on I said I would put some deodorant on her body. So I made her remove her clothes again, I was on my sorts, and she was only on her ghaghra. I made her sit on my bed. I had a close look at her body, her boobs, her dark brown tits. I was admiring so much and touching little bit, that I was getting an erection. I thought of going one step ahead. I told her to make my dick hard by sucking it. She did it, without saying a single word. She bent over and started to blow me. She started sucking it, and moving her tongue on my dick. I was enjoying that moment very much. I asked to bite the tip and she did so which even made me harder. She then looked up at me and said dont come in my mouth, I said don’t worry. After few seconds I removed from her mouth. I could’nt wait any longer and I grabbed her and threw her on the bed I spread open her thighs and started to lick her pussy which was soaking wet I kept pushing my tongue deeper and deeper and she kept letting out these soft moans of pleasure and she told me she was going to cum and started shouting I’m cumming Oh! God It’s there I.. she let out a slight scream and her body arched up and fell all of a sudden. Then she asked me to do the same thing, which her husbad did, that is to FUCK her. I pulled her legs and stuffed my thick stick into her. She bit her lower lip in pain and I started to move in a rhythmic manner, slowly rocking her and then she asked me to get faster “Faster Faster you SOB, Bastard, faster, Cum,Cum you SOB, cum. I was screaming cause she had tightened her Pussy to the Max. I told her I’m cumming, she told me to abuse her so I did, You Bitch,Whore Fucking Bitch, I’m cumming you Whore, she asked me to shootout on top of her so I pulled out my stick and started to shake it out but I didn’t waste my other hand it was way deep inside her pussy pumping, at first one finger the two and so on till all four were in, she screamed you Bastard you are tearing me open, again i inserted in her clit with 2 more shots l loaded in her pussy very hot,she tried to push back but i pushed more inside her. I fell back tired and saw her lying there with her eyes shut tired and we went to sleep.

The next day I took the afternoon off and went home early, she was there and I just spoke to her a little, I asked her if she was up to it again but she said no, but little that I knew that the stupid Whore was wanting me to kind off rape her. She kept giving these mixed signals that I could no longer take that shit, she was at the dining table I went behind her and pushed her face down on the glass and lifted her skirt and tore a hole in her panties and stuffed my fully erect Dick into her asshole, she said no please not from there, but it was to late I was ramming her with all my heart content. The bitch was still weeping in pain but at the same time in pleasure. I stuffed in figures into her cunt and kept pumping her at the same time,she was very loud aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sob aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh when I came I came all over her ass and on the floor on her dark thighs. She didn’t say a thing after that and just went and had a bath. My dick was throbbing after all that pumping, that I could imagine how her ass must be in pain, poor Bitch.
This use to go on for quite sometime. I use to fuck her or when she was not in a mood she just gave me a blowjob.

Then one day Aarti came, told us that she wanted to leave, because her husband was not well. We couldnt force her, and we had to aggree to what she wanted.

Initially I was all alone, later on I came across one of my colleague, who used to give me some good response, and then I started my hardcore experience with her.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Trap of brother in law part-2

Hi! You must have read about how I got pimped at a marriage by Rohan, my brother-in-law (4 guys fucked on my marriage by trap of brother in law). He had taken few videos of mine fooling around with his friends/clients, but I never bothered myself over it, as I enjoyed it too. Since then, I have been trying to call him, and engage him in more hot chat, but he has always been claiming to be busy/tired etc trying to avoid me. As a result, I got mad, and stopped calling too.

Last month, he was visiting his home in the town, and he called me up requesting me to accompany him to a party at his friend’s place. I was very surprised by the sudden invitation, but I declined and expressed my anger over him rejecting my calls. “Why do you want me to come with you to this party? You seem to be not interested in me”, I asked.

Rohan said that this party needs him to come as a couple, and he doesn’t want to miss out on the fun. He requested me for a while, and promised to delete the clips that he had with him if I accompany him. My hubby still thought that I am a sati savitri, and I thought that it would be a good idea getting rid of any traces. I agreed and asked him, “I have never been to these parties, what should I wear?” Rohan asked me to wear anything of my choice, provided I look attractive in them, as there will be girlfriends and wives of other people too. He told me that he will pick me up in the evening, and added, “Bhaiya (my hubby) won’t know anything, as he won’t be back before another 2 days.” I was surprised that he knew about his absence from home.

I wore a plain blue sari, and to add sexiness to the outfit, wore black lingerie, and sleeveless low cut blouse, and matching petticoat, and carried my blue Louis Vuitton. He picked me up, at 7 in the evening, and drove me to a far off place. On the way, I asked him, “What kind of party is this gonna be?” He saw that I am a little nervous about the party, and replied, “Bhabhi, don’t be nervous, you will be fine, just pretend to be my girlfriend. It will be a card party for us, and you can socialize with the other women. It will be followed up with a dance, and that’s it.”

We reached the place, a farmhouse, far off from the city, in the middle of jungle, and there were only 5 guys there. I recognized one of them as his friend, as he had fucked me on the marriage day, but the five others were strangers in their mid-thirties to forties, all in their casuals, enjoying drinks over a poker table. Rohan was also in his t-shirt and jeans, and I was getting suspicious now. He told me, “I guess we are a little early, why don’t you make yourself a drink, I will join the guys for poker.”

There was no other woman/girl in the room, and I watched them play poker, with real cash. Rohan was winning, and he kept on shouting every time he won, often kissing and hugging me, calling me his lucky charm. I was beginning to understand the game too, and got engrossed in it, noticing that no other guest had turned up. The bets started getting higher, and game got more intense. Rohan had converted his five thousand to twenty five thousand, and he was beginning to take more risks, often bluffing. Rohan was good at reading his opponents’ bluffs, and it helped him win the game. One game, it came down to Rohan and his friend (who was not so friendly now), and Rohan was certain that he was bluffing, he kept on raising the stakes, even though he didn’t have the cards to do so.

At last, he was forced to go all in, and both the players were found to be bluffing, with Rohan having the worse set of cards. He lost everything he had. He was devastated, as he was out of money, and asked me, “Anahita, how much money do you have, I will pay you once I win mine back.” The others mocked him for the bankruptcy, and I surfed through my purse, only able to find two thousand rupees, it was not enough for a single bet. After, the guys were done with their mocking, a bald guy, probably in his forties, offered to buy my purse for ten thousand. Rohan begged me and I folded, selling my fifty thousand rupees purse for fifteen after some bargaining. Very soon, that was lost too. I told Rohan, “Let us go, both of us are out of cash, and this is no fun.”

His friend stopped him from getting up from the table, and said, “Why not use your whore? Let her give us all a lap dance in her lingerie, and you can get one grand from each of us.” I was in shock and disgust, trying to pull Rohan out of the place, holding his hands, but he pulled me back, “It is not a bad deal, BHABHI, you are going to do it for me.” Everyone was even more impressed when they found out that I am his bhabhi.

A stranger asked Rohan, “Is that the reason why you got her here?” I was totally embarrassed, and I firmly replied, “No, I am not doing it Rohan.” Rohan had a wicked smile on his face, “Alright, let us go, I will mail the clips to Bhaiya, and everyone in the family on the way.” Rohan was standing now, with one hand over my shoulder, and the other holding my pallu. I had to agree, but I tried to negotiate saying, “But this is as far as it goes, I am not compromising further.”

As soon as he got the green signal, he immediately took off my sari pin, and spun me out of my sari. “Take the blouse, and petticoat off too, and this is not it. If I need money, I will ask you for more, and you will have to do it my whore.” I knew it was serious, and was out of options. For, the first time, I didn’t want to have sex. I took off the blouse and petticoat, and tried to appear smart by making a negotiation, “I will do it, but you can’t put your hands inside my lingerie.” The guys whispered among themselves, laughing, and agreed.

But when I was about to start the lap dance for the first person, he stopped me, and got naked, and others followed him. I was supposed to lap dance on ugly naked people, for just two grands. I reluctantly started it, avoiding the touch of their cocks, but they grabbed me tight, and felt up my entire body with their hands and mouth, not putting their hands inside as promised.

Rohan got the five thousand as promised, and he continued to play well for another hour before losing the entire cash in spite of having a flush. I watched the game sitting next to him, still in my lingerie, as Rohan asked me to stay that way. The guys were also sitting naked, often rubbing their cocks looking at me. I was starting to get turned on with 5 naked men, watching me and rubbing their tools. Without taking my consent, Rohan immediately asked them, “How much are you guys willing to pay, if bhabhi gives u a blowjob?”

After some discussion, they settled on another two thousand each, if I take my clothes off completely, and they get to do anything they want to. I unhooked my bra, and slid my panties down my legs, as the guys cheered at the site of my milky white 36c breasts, and clean shaved pussy. I got down on my knees, and started the act with a man in mid thirties. He was hairy and it made his cock look small.

I lubricated his tool first by licking it. Strands of his pubic hair came in my mouth, and to my surprise, I was not feeling the disgust anymore. The other guys stood behind me, and started exploring my tits, pussy, and ass. They were gentle to start with, warming me up, only twisting my nipples slowly, and rubbing my clitoris. I was beginning to get aroused now. I continued to suck the cock harder, shoving it deep down my throat, as the guys were now squeezing my tits trying to milk them. I had fingers in my asshole and pussy at the same time.

Suddenly, I heard Rohan’s voice shouting, “This is more than enough for two thousand you slut, go to the next guy.” The guy pulled his cock out of my mouth. I wanted his cum over my face, and I was deprived of that. The other guys took turns, and I sucked all of them for 5-10 mins each. Rohan made sure that none of them shot their load on my face, by intervening in time. I had to be satisfied with the precum. The guys continued to crib, for not getting enough of the blowjob. but Rohan was adamant. He got the ten thousand, and then suddenly he asked, “Pay five thousand each, and you guys get the woman for the night. You can do whatever you want with her.” He was officially pimping me now, my total cost being forty thousand for the night, with 5 guys.

The guys immediately agreed, and paid him the sum. They took turns to fuck me in various positions, one after the other shooting their loads inside my pussy, mouth, asshole, and on my body. By the time they were done, it was 4am in the morning, and I was bruised all over thanks to constant pinching, my butts were red due to repeated spanking, and my pussy and ass were hurting. I was totally worn out, lying naked on the poker table, covered in my own sweat, and cum of the guys. The guys were bragging among themselves how many times they made me cum. Rohan came up to me, and said, “Bhabhi, you are a great piece. Thanks to you I have forty thousand cash now, and more of your videos… Wear your clothes now bitch, and lets go… can’t carry you naked early in the morning.”

The guys interrupted, “Wait, the night is not over yet.” I was shocked and sitting up pulling my bra and panties, I asked, “Oh! I am so tired, what do you guys want from me now?” Rohan’s friend replied, “Don’t worry bhabhi, we will be gentle. Let us take you to the Jacuzzi and clean you up.” I was relieved when I heard the word Jacuzzi, as that was exactly what I needed. The hairy guy came up to me, pulling the lingerie from my hands, picked me up, and seated me on his shoulders, carried me to the Jacuzzi and put me into it. Other 4 guys followed him, and they entered the huge Jacuzzi, turning the warm jets on.

They started rubbing my body, cleaning me up. I was feeling so relaxed with the rubbing and jets on my body. One of them started rubbing my clitoris, and fingering me again, and the other two focused on cleaning my tits, and pits. I was getting turned on again, and started moaning out loud. I needed another round of fuck, and holding the cock of the bald guy, I seated myself on him, and slowly inserted his cock in my aching pussy. We were kissing now, as he slowly pushed his cock inside, and another guy pounced on my back, putting his cock in my asshole. This was the first time in my life, I had 2 cocks inside my ass and pussy simultaneously. I went through multiple orgasms as the guys took turns and fucked me inside the Jacuzzi for another 2 hours, and I was out of energy yet again.

Rohan now barged in the bath area, shouting, “How much of fucking do you want you slut. Its morning, we should be leaving now?” The guys pulled the plug holding the water, and got out of the Jacuzzi. As a part of the final act, as the water was draining out, they urinated over my face, and body, and it felt like having a bath in perfume. I happily walked out carrying their urine, mopped dry my body with a towel, and put on my sari. I turned to Rohan and said, “Let’s go now, when do we come back?”